We did a meditation class in Brandon last night at Under The Gypsy Moon. It is amazing to see how Andrew…PureHeart works.

There was a little girl there, Rhiannon, she’s about 2-3ys old. Martin could see her wee antenna on top of head. An Elemental through & through this little one is. She is very clairvoyant. Rhiannon sees the faeries and also the spirits that roam Gypsy Moon, well she sees spirits every where she goes I’m sure. When she was asked where Andrew was, she pointed right where Martin saw him standing.

During the meditation Martin saw Andrew walkng around doin his energy work. He went over to Rhiannon to play with her. Martin saw Rhiannon blow Andrew kisses.

After the meditation when people were sharing their experiences so Martin could give them a read on it, one woman had an interesting thing happen. She said that she heard Martin call her name. She said she heard him doing the meditation but also heard him audibly calling her name over & over. Martin said it was probably Andrew she was hearing. She said “well then he sounds just like you!” She asked if he was tall and lanky, because she said she saw this tall, lanky, handsome Being. We laughed and said YES! She went on to say that he did energy work on her shoulders, she could feel him touch her & feel the stress leave her body. I brought out his pic in my purse and she said “Yes, that is him!” The picture got passed around to everyone. One woman put her left hand over the picture for bit before she passed it on. After she passed Andrew’s pic to the next person, she was crying. While she didn’t say anything, I’m guessing she felt his healing energy and it touched her heart.

I just LOVE working with that son o’mine! :-D :-D


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8 Responses to THAT SON O’MINE!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Wow… youse guys are really getting into the thick of this thing, aren’t you??? Once I get moved and settled, I’ll be out to experience this for meself (a bit o’ the Irish goin on today…)! Love you guys! (okay, Connie – can I come out of my corner now???)

  2. admin says:

    NOW! WAS THAT SO HARD???!!!!! Yes, you may come out of your corner now!

    Unfortunately Gypsy Moon is closing so we won’t be there for awhile. They are hoping to open at a new place in the near future, I am bummed as are many others. We were building momentum there.

    Love you too!

  3. Karen T. says:

    Awww man! I really liked that place.

    And, if she gets let outta her corner, does that mean I get to come outta mine? Pweez.

    Andrew Rocks!!

  4. admin says:

    Now that you have posted you may come out of you corner. BUT I am STILL slightly disturbed at BOTH your fascinations w/Martin in a cheer leading outfit! *walks off bewildered & a little scared*

  5. Sue says:

    Oh Connie, this made me mist up when you used the word “wee.” Solstice was the “wee white miracle cat” who defied death repeatedly. I’d joke about her being on her 17th life instead of 9 and that she would have 43 as the vets couldn’t understand how a cat with her blood values could be alive and eating. Well I guess that wasn’t to be, Rick and I feel like the living dead–grief is intense and numb at the same time. Her bloodwork was looking better and then she crashed over the weekend… RIP, wee one….

    I’m glad your event went well and it sounds like Andrew is a wonderful healing presence…. may I borrow him for a couple of broken hearts?


  6. admin says:

    Yes you may. Andrew is so amazing! I miss his physical presence so very much. I’m still working on getting use to our new relationship w/him. I miss the old one so much, it was so wonderful! So far nothing replaces his all his hugs & kisses he so freely gave.

  7. Swati says:

    Wow! Amazing how that woman saw him :-)))))))))))))))). And whats this with Martin in a cheerleader’s skirt? Was he out of body when you dressed him up like that? :-P

  8. admin says:

    I thought it was really amazing that the woman saw him and felt him touch her. We are doin a past life regression meditation there on Aug 9th. Looking forward to that one!

    That is why they were put in the corner Swati! Not sure what their fascination w/Martin in a cheer leading outfit is, but they were punished for it! lol

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