Well, we had a nice Thanksgiving….once everyone showed up! I was last on the list for stops! I was everyone’s 2nd meal. I had to push back my dinner time because everyone else had somewhere else to be first. Even though plans were made to be at my house FIRST in honor of Andrew. He loves Thanksgiving! I thought we would ALL be together to spend the day decorating our tree because that is what Andrew and I did on Thanksgiving Day and he helped us cook as well. I thought what better way for all of to deal with our grief than to do something Andrew loved to do. To me, it was a sacred thing to be able to do together to honor Andrew. But only to me I guess. I thought it was important for my family to be together the WHOLE day to support Martin and I but I was wrong. SO yea, I was pissed early in the day that we weren’t important enough to take into consideration!

As usual, Martin talked me down. He reminded me what was really important, that he and I were together! Denise was there, she is always there being a great friend! SO it was me, Martin and Denise most of the day. Martin and I decorated the tree as Andrew gave Martin orders on how he decorated the tree. LOL Elatia stopped by to drop off stuff stayed a little bit, 20-30mins, then left until 3p.m. My sister, her BF, my niece and her baby showed up at 5p.m. Which is amazing! My sister arrived when she said she would! Ok, I did a little threatening :-) My parents showed up for desert I think around 7p.m.

I put on an Enya Cd as we always listened to Enya while we had our Thanksgiving dinner. Andrew reminded me one year when I must’ve forgotten that we ALWAYS have Enya playing during our holiday dinners. He was so into tradition. I couldn’t believe how important tradition was to him since he was so young. It was like our good night kisses. We had our “thing” we always had to do. Might’ve be a touch of OCD! :-D

Andrew had each of us say what we are grateful for. I was afraid he was going to make us do that! DAMMT! I was 2nd and could hardly get the words out because of crying. Shocking I know! My voice was so high and cracking, pitiful really, I think only my wiener dog, Merlin could hear me! But I was able to get out that I am grateful for having such an amazing son and husband. I am grateful and honored to have been Andrew’s mother & for having the best 16yrs. of my life! Elatia rubbed my back & stroked my hair as I talked or tried to talk. Then of course as everyone else went around I added more stuff because I was grateful for each one of them. SO I got in how grateful I am for Elatia and her health!

It was a nice evening. It was great having a baby in the house! Clayton is just so cute and HAPPY! He is always smiling and giggling! He reminds me of Andrew in that respect. Just always happy! I saw him when he was an hour old and he knocked my socks off…& I wasn’t even wearing any! He looked me right in the eye and smiled! TWICE! He blew me away. Someone explained from the Angel Board that it was because I was seeing his Heaven Essence. Very cool! If Andrew felt only 1/2 of what I felt when I met Clayton, I totally get why Andrew’s so freaking happy! It was an amazing feeling just that small glimpse into Heaven!

So all in all it was a good day! As Andrew reminds me….


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4 Responses to THANKSGIVING

  1. Swati says:

    I’d have been pissed too in your place :). Aren’t you glad I’m nowhere around you? LOL!! But I am glad that finally it turned out to be a nice enough day. Thank God for Denise that she is always there when you need her. What a WONDERFUL friend!!

    Lots of hugs,

  2. admin says:

    Thanks (((((Swati!)))))) Denise is a wonderful friend!

  3. Swati says:

    You know Connie…for some reason…that has nothing to do with what you have posted here, I wish to give you and Martin HUGE warm loving hugs right now. I am not there in person…so please accept my hugs from miles across. I love you both a lot! A lot!


  4. Leah Clark says:

    Awww Connie… I know Andrew heard your words of love and appreciation. Traditions are wonderful things – they help us remember those we love the most.

    And by the way – your ears should have been burning on Thanksgiving evening. Karen T.’s family has a tradition where they go bowling after dinner – Sarah and I went with them this year. Not only did Aly call me Connie, but when I was putting on the bowling shoes and every time I touched my sweaty ball, I thought of you. LOLOL!!!

    I’m very grateful for your presence in my life today!!!

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