Muck definitely still loves his 7-11 runs. He and Martin still have so much fun on them.

The other day we made a 7-11 run for soda and the winning power ball ticket. ;-) I was going to go in with Martin but there wasn’t any parking so I just waited in the car across the side street. I miss all the fun when I do that!

In 7-11 there is this little boy all excited about getting a donut. BUT he was wanting to take a bite out of all of them to see which one he wanted. He took a bite out of a donut his mother gave him, then wiped his hands on Martin’s pants, then looked at him with a big ole grin on his face! :-o Martin just started laughing as the mother was mortified. It reminded Martin of Andrew when he was that age. At that age Andrew pulled on a guy’s pant leg while the guy was peeing one time in a mall bathroom! LOL LOL LOL

Martin once again is in a conversation with Andrew on his way to the car from 7-11. Andrew tells him, “Take a deep sniff Daddy.” Martin did and he said he smelled dog shit! He said it smelled like he was covered in it! OMG! WTF? He asked Andrew what he was playing at. Andrew without missing a beat says, “Now take another sniff Daddy.” Martin does trusting Andrew is going somewhere with this. Martin is so easy! LOL LOL  This time when Martin sniffs he doesn’t smell anything but the fresh air.

So Martin asks Andrew, “what’s all this about Muck?” The Muck’s reply? He says, “I just gave you some SPF Daddy. Isn’t it great?” Martin replies, “SPF? What is that?” Muck; “Shyte Protection Factor Daddy. It protects you from people talking shyte!” OMG! I am ROFLMAO by this point of the story. DO you even know how hard it is to ROFLYAO in a car?? But this was just too funny! Then we launched into a whole product line of SPFs for certain situations. Like buying a car you would need a 100 SPF. SO yes we will be contacting our aromatherapy guy about a SPF product line. I wanna launch a line of metaphysical novelty items. We have 2 so far.

Anyway, I told Martin that Andrew must’ve done that to him for a reason. I told him that we’ll probably be coming across some real shyte talkers soon or something and Andrew wants to give us something to protect us. I guess we see soon enough. Never a dull moment with my boyz fo sho!

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2 Responses to THANK HEAVEN FOR 7-11

  1. Karen T says:

    That would be an awesome sell…LMAO!!

  2. admin says:

    Oh believe me we are def lookin into startin a metaphysical line of novelty gifts! :-)

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