You learn something new just about every day here right? I’m here to serve, people! :-D  Here’s something you coulda gone to ur grave not knowing :D Martin had 2 of his friends here today. It was a guy fest as I was sleeping. Martin said they sucked all the female energy out of there with their manliness! :lol I said they sucked the feminine energy in (that don’t sound right!! I c no gutter! :D ) to make them selves more powerful! :D

I asked Martin if they did any chanting? No. Jeremy studies Kabbalah magick and we usually chant when he’s here. Then I asked if he let the boyz hear the Dahli Lama’s chant. No. SO I asked “What did u guys talk about? Boogers and farts??” Together Martin and ANdrew said “YES” :lol :lol

Here’s the part u coulda gone to ur grave not knowing. I had to set the scene first. ;) They started talking, for what ever reason, about me having a tattoo on my butt of 2 W’s :eek  (for Witchy Woman) I have NEVER said I would do that!! That’s guys for ya!! :lol  What does Andrew say??? “Yea, all she needs is the 2 W’s because the O is free!!!!!!” :eek :eek :lol  I guess if I wanted the intials to be WOW! What did they do to my baby??!! They did suck ALL the feminine energy outta here fo sho!! Time for me to put it back!

 I just found out from his night nurse, who was one of the chemo nurses when he was in the PICU, that she didn’t think he was going to make it to the 2nd floor! :eek :eek That’s how bad he was! While I was terrified when he was first in the PICU, failure was NOT an option!! Hearing that tonight just affirms how powerful the healing circles & constant prayers have been!!! Probably will need another healing circle when he starts the steps for the transplant in a few weeks. Is it any wonder why it gets overwhelming sometimes???

Having had a great day full of testosterone, :-) as you call tell from my previous paragraph. :lol Tonight we were having fun again goofin around talking about scoring him some benedryl and poopy in a hat talk..don’t ask, I’ll spare you! Then we did the fuzzy head hug all together! Martin and I rubbing our lips at the same time on Andrew’s cute lil fuzzy head! :lol  Andrew humors us and plays along. He’s a good boy. He also has some hair on his chin like Shaggy in Scooby Doo at the mo. :lol

Andrew was given 2 units of blood today & platelets, about 6 hours worth. His blood pressure was a bit high so tonight they gave him lasiks to bring it down. It got as high as 145/98 :eek They figure it was due to all the blood he was given.

Martin and I have contests to pass the time. We see who can get the most pee outta Andrew at one time. :b I know, I know, don’t be judging, we get bored! We need more visitors people and we won’t have to resort to such measures! Well, I beat Martin by a long shot! I got 750 cc or ml tonight! Can’t wait to tell Martin “IN YOUR FACE SUCKA!!!” :lol :lol Almost wanting to call him but it’s after 2:30am, don’t think he’ll appreciate it. :D I know he’s gonna say I cheated w/the lasiks, he’s gonna call it a steroids cheat. I don’t care! I WIN! This is what my life has become, a peeing contest for entertainment! :lol Is it no wonder I cry every now and then!:violin

I’m enjoying this time off treatment w/him. Doesn’t even matter that we are not at home! We’re together and Andrew feels wonderful, & that’s all that matters!


Magickal Blessings!

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