Testing! Testing! Is This Thing On?

Since Martin is busy again (Thank God/dess, Allah, Buddha. PureHeart etc)  doing 25-30 readings a day, he and Andrew are having A LOT of fun together. You’d think I’d be jealous that Martin has such an amazing connection w/Andrew, but instead I am happy that one of us is in constant contact w/Andrew. I know my time will come and I will have it too.

It’s funny how Andrew handles Martin. He could come right out and tell Martin what the deal is, but since Martin enjoys the journey so much, Andrew lets Martin figure things out for himself. For instance, when Martin goes to “Andrew” for answers to a client’s question, he gives an “Andrew” answer. As I have mentioned before, Andrew would always give random answers to questions sounding like he knew what he was talking about when really he was just making stuff up off the top of his head. God I miss him doing that w/me! He was just so funny with it you couldn’t get mad at him!

When Martin said to Andrew, “C’mon help me out! Where’s the PureHeart answer?” Andrew reminded him, “Daddy, you asked for Andrew not PureHeart!” Then Andrew hits him with a profound PureHeart answer. So Martin now knows when asking for answers, be specific on who you want to give the answers! ;-)

NOW when Martin gets “one of those calls,” you know, the most dreaded question for psychics, the “is he coming back?” call, the call you really don’t need a psychic for. Andrew will keep it light and fun so Martin doesn’t get bored. Plus Andrew loves to play w/Martin during those calls. During one of “those” calls, Martin had a funny comment to lighten the person up and also so he wouldn’t want to reach through the phone and pimp slap her, but he got nothing! Not one chuckle. Then Martin sees Andrew on a stage tapping a mic sayin “Is this thing on?” Then Andrew immediately apologized for tapping the mic. It was validation that Martin was seeing Andrew because then Martin remembered when he told Andrew, when he was here, about why you shouldn’t tap on a mic, that you can damage it. Martin said that if he was just making it up about seeing Andrew, he wouldn’t have seen him apologizing because he had totally forgotten about telling Andrew about that.

Another time recently, another client was stuck in a dead end or non existent relationship and Martin went to Andrew for a creative answer that NO he’s not coming back or calling. What did Martin see? The old test patterns that use to be on TV in the old days! Andrew showed Martin the one he use to see when Martin was a kid in Ireland. LMAO! It was Andrew’s way of saying “No Andrew aqui!” hahahahaha

Another thing Andrew does for Martin with his new job, is that when another psychic is calling Martin, Andrew shows him his septor with an emerald on the top that he carries around with him, as a sign that it’s a psychic on the line. Martin is getting such accolades that other psychic’s are calling him to see if he’s as good as they say he is. AND he is! :-D

So my boyz are having a blast working together. They are a REAL dynamic duo! They are my Super Natural Heroes! :-) And I’m glad they are mine!


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4 Responses to Testing! Testing! Is This Thing On?

  1. Swati says:

    That’s awesome Connie…and yes I totally understand that you wouldn’t be jealous of Martin for his connection with Andrew. It must be such a relief to know that Martin can see him, and talk with him. This is one of the blessings you guys have. I wish everyone could do this, so when they “lose” someone, they still know they haven’t really lost the person. Such a huge blessing. And you know that I pray for you that you too will see him…and not just see him, but be able to hug him as well.

  2. admin says:

    I look forward to that day too Swati. I am looking forward to getting back to my astral traveling exercises soon too. I think it’s harder for me to astral travel because I have Martin who’s always talking to Andrew, so I am lazy, or maybe feel I can take my time with it, not really sure which it is. BUT I know I will get there.

    I actually think I saw Muck tonight at work. I thought I was going to run into someone because I saw a white flash of what I thought was a shirt but we all wear black. Then I thought, hmm maybe it was Muck cause I coulda sworn I was going to run into someone. I felt the energy of someone near me. When I thought about it, they were awfully close to me and not in an area where we usually run into one another by the kitchen. I’ll have to ask Marts if Andrew confesses to anything. The faerie light was on when I came home but not his bedroom light. Shhhh don’t tell him but we are looking at getting Muck a Buddha bust light for his bedroom. :-D

  3. Karen T says:

    Oh boy…am I glad they’re yours too…someone’s gotta keep them in line…LMAO!

  4. admin says:

    And I’m the woman that can do it! :-D

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