As you know I was home today. I was up for well over 24 hrs. so you know I’m a little sleep deprived right now. I couldn’t sleep when I got home, I was afriad I would get into a deep sleep and not get up so I just rested in my bed, ahhhhhhh with Merlin beside. Me and my puppy we just hanging together the few hrs. I had home between errands.

So by me leaving that means the boys were left alone once again with their own devices. (am I even sayin that right?) Yea, you know what road this could go down if I gave details. :x Well today it was the Bevus and Butthead show! :eek Let’s just say there was a hot dog/weiner and the name Johnson involved. I will spare you the details…..for now! :lol

Andrew is doing real well w/this round of treatment. He has his last dose for 5 days of aero c at 9:30a.m. today then he gets a shot of some other kind of chemo in his leg. That particular one can cause cause an uncommon side effect of pancreatitous. So not only are we sending healing energy to his pancreas we are having him drink plenty of water. But after the leg shot he’s off chemo for 5 days then he gets the 2 day round again then we wait for his numbers to come back up.

Once the #’s do come back up that’s when we may get paroled for 7-10 days! :hula Which means Andrew would reach his goal of being home for Halloween! :SCRY :FLY :dog :dog One of our fav Holidays of course!! He said he will go out as a successful stem cell transplant patient OR an ex member of the Blue Man Group who works at a nuclear plant now! :lol It will be great because he can wear his blue gloves and mask (which he’ll need to wear anyway), just need to score an IV pole! :lol

The computer is acting up and I’m tired so I don’t want to lose what I’ve typed so far. So I’ll leave it here. Thank you for your continued love, support, & prayers!!


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