I know I have mentioned it while in the hospital, as you will see below, but not sure if I have since then about how these “New Children” coming in are very telepathic. I am almost postive I have mentioned how Martin and I telepathically play with babies when we are out and about. Babies seem to be very fascinated with Martin and I. They can’t take their eyes off of us and the parents notice it. God only knows what the babies really see around us! I notice it at work as well. Babies in high chairs tend to stare at me and when I telepathcally say hello to them, they smile really big. I also ask them “You see the big ole boy behind me don’t you?” and they will look above my head and smile. It is the coolest thing to make eye contact with a baby and feel so much from them. You can feel the higher connection with them.

Well, I wanted to share a story with you I recevied this morning on Facebook from a friend you have heard from before with her beautiful healing encounters with Andrew. This time Leah had a connection with a young boy at her performance. Here’s Leah’s story…

“At our gig last night, there was a little boy whose father labeled him “special needs”, so I don’t know if he was autistic or what, but I felt the touch of his mind like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was HUGE! He looked right at me for a moment, I “heard” him talk to me, and I answered, and then he laughed!!! It was the coolest thing! I remembered one of your posts on the blog while you guys were in hospital, about a little girl you were communicating with telepathically. I’m going to be paying WAY more attention from now on!”

I thought that was so great to hear that Leah had the same experience Martin and I do with babies or “special needs” kids. But then something weird happened. I was fine when I first read the message, but when I tried to read it to Martin. I began to cry! What? Why? It was like BAM! All emotional! Jeezus! What now? What is this bringing up for me now to look at and maybe heal? Can’t I get a holiday break from this crap? Didn’t I just deal with some heavy grief and anger emotions last week?

So I tap in to see what this was really about as the emotions started, and it all came in a split second, Andrew said, “Your blog makes a difference Mommy. You may think it doesn’t now or hasn’t that much, but it really does. You effect people in a postive way and rasie awareness about many things. You should be proud, I am!” So the emotions were me feeling my son appreciating me. Him letting me know, that while it looks like hardly anyone is paying attention, my blog matters and DOES make a difference! Good to know!



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  1. Karen T says:

    Your blog absolutely makes a difference and I thank Andrew for telling you so. Life gets me busy, but when I find the time to stop here, I am either touched in some way or learn something or get inspired or uplifted. Thank you Connie for continuing to blog. It helps so much of the time for me. Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    You are so very welcome Karen! But I have to admit I miss the interaction that use to happen on here.

  3. kerri says:

    too funny. if i read these out of order, i always seem to comment on the wrong one. like i just was trying to say how wonderful u r on the one i read before this one, which was the one u wrote after this one. so is it the polish comming out in me or something else? sometimes i need to realize that what i feel is ok. maybe that is what i should get out of this. lol. may not seem like much, but i for one have bennefitted tons from ur writing. and i so need it. lol. thanks again

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