That is what the so called “veil” is. Whatever do I mean? I mean, now get this, THERE IS NO VEIL! That’s right! There is no veil! As my friends and I discussed, the stupid was taught into us at an early age either by school, society, or religion! That’s where the “veil” comes from, it’s self imposed by humans!

I don’t think we would forget where we really come from as we get older if we were encouraged as young children. That these “gifts” were looked at as normal and our natural state.

Think about it! How many times has a little one talked about seeing Angels, DLO, spirits, fairies? And they are told “It’s just your imagination!” Or “Quit saying that or people will think you’re crazy!”

I knew my My Muck was seeing things at a very young age. He would sit, rock and babble to something behind me. I figured it was an Angel or our Uncle Christy. In the middle of the night, in a pitch black room, we would here him babble, laugh and giggle like someone was in there entertaining & talking to him. We never checked, we just let him have his good time. He was a very active child, I mean, like a 2 yr. old on crack active! So whenever he was entertained, we didn’t interfere!

Then later when we could FINALLY understand Andrew, he had 2 “imaginary friends” James and Thomas. He was always talking to them. At night, Martin would have to remove James, I believe, I think he was the trouble maker of the 2. Martin had a hard time removing James because he would sneak back in when Martin wasn’t looking according to Andrew. LOL Remember, this was when Martin wasn’t as clairvoyant as he is now. He had to go on whatever Andrew said!

Our spiritual gifts, our natural state actually, is taught out of us at an early age. Pity really. How much easier would our lives be if we didn’t have to relearn all this when we get older. How much easier would it be if the stupid wasn’t taught into us?!


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    After I regained some knowledge, I realized that Sarah’s “sister who lives in the sky” from when she was younger must have been an angel. I hope I kept some of her drawings of that person! We dismissed it as an imaginary friend, but I’m more sure than ever of that otherworldly presence. It might have freaked me out back then, but I’m grateful for the true knowledge today.

  2. Swati says:

    Hmmm…no one told me that I had imaginary friends. Booohooo!! So I didn’t have an interesting childhood. I spent my time bugging my older brother :P. So the stupid wasn’t taught to me, but I guess I was born stupid. LOL! How do you remove the stupidity that we are born with? I hope Martin can work with that…I sent in my payment for the mediumship course today :).

  3. Dana says:

    I used to talk to Jesus and God all of the time! Until I got laughed at or told it wasn’t proper to do so! *nods head to all Connie said*

    Fortunately, 3 of my 4 kids are very open to their gifts!

  4. Lord Horus says:

    Exactly… “Its JUST your imagination.” But what no body realizes is the Human Imagination could quite possibly be the most powerful creative force in all the Universe… “Its JUST….. indeed.”

  5. admin says:

    Ahhhh the next blog post Lord! Imagination! The true meaning of it!

    Ok, Swati, maybe then the stupid isn’t always taught in then but not encouraged enough to remember the knowledge you came here with.

  6. admin says:

    Oh yea, Dana, I remember being told that BS too! Also you couldn’t talk directly to God, you had to go through only Jesus.That’s a Baptist thang. But w/Catholics, you had to go through a priest to ask for forgiveness. Blah… Blah… Blah!

  7. Sara-Ovationgirl says:

    My Mom was and remians a devout Catholic, who refuses to beleive in any of what is out there, but has never put me down because of it. My Dad believed that higher power was more than just what had been taught in the Bible. Hence when I was born, he had my star charts done. But beyond that I know he wanted to believe, but he had too much ADULT pounded into him. But he never said I was crazy, even envcouraged me with a Ouija board and thought it was cool when I contacted his father who had recently passed. He knew I saw other passed spirits in our house at night. I probably saw them early on with night terrors at age 2 and I bleive these were not the positive spirits, but negative ones trying to creep into a psychic child’s world.
    I was blessed to have a special Aunt Electa, a kitchen witch in the most classical form who started teaching me palmistry at a very young age, taught me a love for cats, and encuragedme in developing my psychic skills. She gave me books on spirits and the supernatural when I would visit her in Mississippi. But when I got back to Miami, and to the nuns in my school, I surely did not fit in and was seen as borderline evil. I remained fascinated by it all, taking to buying books on the sly. I remember reading the Exorcist by flashlight at night as even though fiction, I knew that the evil written about really was out there and most just do not see it.. But when I astral projected as a teen, I could find nothing to help me and had no living guides to help. My friends thought I was on drugs or just plain out there and so I suppressed it all, not to delve there again until I hit my late 30s… I think a lot of the drinking issues I had were a part of my suppression and spiritual isolation.

    So it is a journey back to the gifts I had when I was young and developing all of them Spiritually I am on a deeper level than any nun or religion class could have ever taken me to, AS I have gone beyond their limited muggle visions of what can be.

    As to the VEIL, I believe that some spirits who were not attuned spiritually, or lived a life where they were not good to others may be limited by some sort of veil that keeps them from us. I also believe that evil allows malevolent spirits to have free access here as well. Of course the more I learn and grow the more these thoughts may change, this is just where I am at now..

    I feel Andrew is able to have ultimate access, with even more to come, because of his attuned state in life and because his family was equally on that path. IF we all could go though life as he did, then death woud never be such a feared state but instead come to be known as the time when we are no longer limited by our MUGGLE body shells and muggle built boundaries. In other words the time we are truly free!!


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