Martin was on a reading today and the client mentioned pendulums. Martin HATES pendulums for trying to get answers to questions. From a hypno-therapist point of view he finds them useless because you can make them move with your mind. For instance, you can think circle and it will go that way. Think swing back and forth, and it will, so your thoughts can give you the answer you want instead of the correct answer in his opinion.

Well, as Martin was getting ready to tell her exactly what he thought of pendulums, Andrew took Martin’s bootay back to school once again! The next thing Martin knew he was looking at his wee gray shorts, white socks and sandals that he use to wear when he was a young boy. But there was something different this time. This time Martin had these white with flowers knee socks on! LMFAO! Martin looked at Andrew and said “Seriously dude! WTH? Is this really necessary?” Andrew was LHAO!

Martin realized he was wearing his sister’s socks. He had totally forgotten about the day his mother made him wear his sister’s socks because he couldn’t find his. Andrew must really dig into the archives for this stuff! hahahaha

So Andrew is standing there by the chalk board again getting ready to give Martin a lesson on pendulums. Martin looks at the chalk board with PENDULUM written across the top of it. Under neath it had all these complicated formulas and the name “wave generator” written on it. Martin looked at Andrew and said “Really? WTH? For the pendulum?” Andrew laughed and said “Just kidding Daddy” as he erased the board. He continued, “ha, me and Tesla just working on some things” then he winked at Martin. Andrew knew Martin would journey with what the wave generator could be. Martin is so easy!

Then Andrew went on to explain the pendulum and how it really works. It’s about allowing your body to answer the question. The subconscious gives your body the answer and goes to the pendulum. It doesn’t work with everyone because if they are blocked it won’t work. Martin went into some kind of bio-energy explanation too but didn’t give me that info while I was writing this. He first told me this lil ditty while I was driving and there’s only so much I can remember while driving. Then we have to come home and I have to pull it out of him again. I make this look easy people, but it’s a lot of work to get these stories on here! ;-)

While nothing is written in stone, but the pendulum is really not a tool for messages from Spirit. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but generally speaking it’s more of a tool for body talk or muscle testing.

Martin said as I was driving and originally telling me this story that when Andrew goes into teaching mode he is “deadly” serious. I said to him, “really, deadly? THAT’S how you’d describe him” He goes, “Oh yea, deadly seriously.” I asked, “do you even hear yourself?” Then the light bulb went on, and he says laughing “oh yea, oops! my bad” On the up side, he can say that word because that is the last word we would use regarding our son’s state of being.

Andrew was just trying to get Martin to ponder the uses of a pendulum and be more open to what they can do. All this was going on DURING the reading! Wild huh? If people only knew everything that goes on during a reading! lol


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4 Responses to SWING LOW

  1. Awesome! I think we all need to realize sometimes that everything is bigger and more effective than we give it credit for.

    But like anything, you can use a tool but don’t let the tools use you. Spirit can answer us through anything, even a novel or a video game.

  2. admin says:

    you said “don’t let the tool use you” *in my best Beavus and Butthead voice* hahahahaha ok, it’s getting late.

  3. Denise says:

    Wow this is weird!!! what time was this reading??I had the same discussion about pendulums today with one of my massage clients

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