I am definitely making progress! YAY me! I had my first dream with Andrew in it as his healthy self! No hospital or leukemia! My dreams with him in them are usually with him being sick and in hospital. I feel the restraints of him being sick in the dreams. Like we couldn’t do this or that because he was sick. I guess I’m still processing the whole hospital gig, which people seem to forget all the trauma we went though in there as well, and I’m still working through all that.

Well, I did have a visitation once, actually a possible astral travel session that I was conscious in, because my dreams are usually so damn dumb. I think I may have posted it here before, not sure, but here it is again. This one made sense and was very clear. I was at some convention center where I was a key note speaker at a womens’ conference. I was back stage talking to a few women, Andrew’s girlfriend Jourdan, was there too. While I was talking with these women, Andrew was also talking to me. I was answering him and wondered why the women were looking at me so weird. Then I realized that I was the only one who could see and hear him. I said to the women, “Oh that’s right! I forget that a lot of people can’t see or hear my son still.” I looked at Jourdan, and I could feel how excited she was that he was there. While she feels him, she couldn’t see or hear him. Kinda like how I am now, I occationally hear him, and will see snippets of him with my 3rd eye, but this was different. I could physically see and hear him just like on the tv shows, Ghost Whisperer and Medium. I could have full on conversations with him like Martin does. I had this, this, whatever it was, dream, astral traveling, awhile ago, over a year ago, and I can still remember it so vividly, feelings and all, like it actually happened in the 3rd dimension. I guess it just happened on another one.

Now onto my dream from last night, I don’t have as many details on this one though, but that’s not the important part. Andrew and I were at some sort of stable with horses. While I like horses, they are not something I felt I needed to have, so having horses is odd. Andrew and I each had a horse at this stable and was visiting them. All I remember was the feeling of having spent time with him. I remember looking at him in awe and being so excited to have him near me. As I was waking up from this dream, I kept thanking Andrew for the feeling of having spent time with him. While I don’t remember the dream in detail, I DO remember the feeling of being with my son for a short while and that felt as real as when he was here. It was a true gift! I am getting closer to consciously leaving my body and spending time with my Mucker on a regular basis! WoooOOOoHOooooOO!


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  1. Toby Simpson says:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt of Ghost Whisperer is very pretty.-,:

  2. Hailey Hall says:

    sometimes, ghost whisperer is very scary specially when she see those ghots.”.~

  3. admin says:

    I have had the pleasure several times to meet James Van Praagh, executive producer of Ghost Whisperer, he says it was not his idea for the scary plots, he said it’s a Hollywood thing. Like if it isn’t scary, people won’t watch.

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