We had another great day today!! Sooooo loving this!! It’s just so great to see him eating a lot and getting up to go potty on his own. Actually thought he was gonna start dancing with his IV pole he had so much energy! :eek Unlike my daughter who would dance ON her IV pole! :lol :p

He’s playing his video games that he got from e-bay and just couldn’t be happier!! :D :D :D :D YOu know the mama gene is happy!! :hugkiss :hugkiss :hugkiss

Ok, u know we still have to talk poop now! :D They tested his stool early this a.m. and there is still blood in it but u can’t c it, it’s microscopic, so that’s good. He’s healing. They now give him platelets if his counts go below 50,000 instead of 20,000. He was at 47,000 this a.m. so he got them today.

He still has no blast cells!! Wooo Hooo feeling the doggie :dog AND a :hula Praying that it stays that way which means he will be in remission then. :hat ANNNND we are a loving the whole remission idea!! :dog

His foot is looking even more fab!! It’s getting smaller, the wound not his foot. :D They have taken him off antibioitics as well!! Things are feeling more normal again. Our new normal. Getting back into our routine here of being able to leave Andrew for 15-20 mins. Need to enjoy this before the next round because we’ll be in lock down again. :lol  Because when he gets his next round of chemo it will be aggressive :-( and he probably won’t feel well enough to be left alone for any length of time so we’re enjoying the somewhat freedom we have now. Feeling like teenagers!! Woo Hooo! Wait! I had no freedom as a teenager. Feeling like a convict on parole maybe?? Freedom but not total freedom?? Ok, now I’m just ripping the arse outta this one. :-)

WIth the energy work Martin and Adele did, my friend Denise said she could feel the energy around Andrew still. Some powerful stuff that energy work with out a doubt!

WHile he still has his fuzzy head, :D which we still kiss as he moves his head around and sez “Moving around town” (from Sponge Bob) :lol we are noticing his eye lashes coming out. He still has some but they have been coming out when he rubs his eyes. SO he said he’s not going to do that anymore. His eyebrows are thinner but doesn’t look like a drag queen or nothing, not that kind of thin! :lol But he’s feeling so good it doesn’t matter. It will all grow back!

And here I thought I wouldn’t have much to say! :lol

Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support! It really does make a difference!! :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE




Magickal Blessings!

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