And Friday!

I am still recooperating from going home. I only had about 4 hrs. sleep in over 50 hrs. :x Dunno what it is but I couldn’t sleep at home. Ok, maybe it was the 3rd glass of wine at the benefit! :\ But I drank a lot of water. I am such a light weight! A wuss! I was so mad! My weiner dog was really upset when I had to leave, he grunted and whine while licking my face. It was so hard to leave him! :(

Andrew had another great day! :dog :hula I just LOVE these days and don’t want them to end….the great days not the time in the hospital. He’s been getting up by himself to go potty! :hula AND he took a shower by himself last night!! Who knew we could get so excited about such things anymore! I try not to think about that as his #’s go up and he feels great that we are closer to the next round of aggressive chemo :( Martin said it won’t be as hard as the first time around. I just get nervous with each induction. I try and focus on the outcome, complete health! Maybe I think it’s gonna be worse than it’s really going to be. I really don’t know what to expect. All I can get out of anyone is, “everyone is different” We are doing a lot of energy work, setting it up so that any possible side effects r minimal or none.

Adele, the healing touch therapist, tagged team Andrew with Martin on Friday w/some serious energy work. You can only imagine how powerful that was w/Martin involved! It involved sacred geometry.8) Very cool! She left the instructions so we can do it on our own w/him. Can you believe she nearly got fired for just putting her hands over a child??? They’d really freak if they saw what she does with us! :lol Honestly, some people! I’m so glad she’s here!

Physical Therapy was in Friday and Andrew does NOT like them. I told her that to give her a heads up. She asked him why and he said “Because they make me move!” :lol :lol They have been rough on him in the past. The gave him a cane (better than my mother’s, they can have dueling canes now :lol ) to help him walk w/his foot until it heals. He picked it up and used it like a machine gun and said that was for anyone who tells him anything negative! :lol That’s my boy! :D

He actually had a new Dr. on Friday that tried to steal his thunder! She had the nerve to shoot down his great numbers by saying that it was only the volume of blood products that was giving him the great numbers, that they’ll drop. Arrrgg!! Where’s the cane!! :lol Well, his NP came in today and was very pleased with his numbers!! SO take that Mr. Dr!!! He’s coming out of nadar i.e.almost zero white cell count. His white cell count is coming back up so we’ll be watching him closley because we’ll know probably this week or early next if Andrew is in remission. Nail biting time.

I have to say that even after all that “crap” ;-) with the intestinal bleed and him feeling so weak that he couldn’t even sit up, he still told me, “It’s all good mama” He just brings tears to my eyes he is so powerful and wise. Betsy is right, whose butt did I have to kiss to get him as a son! :-)


Magickal Blessings!

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