Today was another fabtabulous day!! :dog The nurse pratitioner, Trish, is thrilled with his #’s! She said he is her star patient! Even tho his ANC #’s are really low (10), it’s normal, his other #’s are looking great. I guess they are pleased with the way his body has handled the chemo this go around. It’s funny because his legs are still hairy. He lost a little hair. The hair on his head is actually growing instead of falling out. Still has eye lashes and brows. I guess it was his “nether region” that was hit a bit hence the Brazilian comment! :lol Not sure if he’ll be as lucky the next go around but he has been these past 2 times! 

I think it’s good sign when the nurses comment on how well he looks! They are still pleased with his foot! But he still has to keep it elevated. So hopefully when his ANC#’s get up to 500 and he’s allowed out of his room, he’ll be able to walk then.

Andrew is becoming so popular we may have to go on a world THANK YOU tour! :-) Because I post on Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Board, he is getting well known around the world! People are falling in love w/him ALL over the place. Before it was just people who met him that fell in love with him. NOW??? People who haven’t even met him are falling in love with him. We’re going to Kona next Oct to kick off Doreen’s Advanced Angel Therapy class w/our comedy show and Martin and I were going to make it a honeymoon since we’ve never taken one. BUT now?? With so many ATP’s supporting us on this healing journey?? How can I deny them meeting Andrew! Also I don’t know if I’ll be ready to leave him alone after this. Plus he deserves a trip away too. So we’ll see.

So we are just riding the wave of well being, focused on healing, building the energy up for a smooth & successful transplant! Here’s to a great, successful Sunday!!



Magickal Blessings!

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