We had an ABSOLUTELY, WONDERFUL, SPECTACULAR DAY!!! My friend Denise came up and she took us out because my car, outta the blue, just died, dead! Wouldn’t start! :eek It has a new battery too! My Lexus has NEVER left me stranded! Baaaawaaaaaa! *wipes snotters and tears* End scene! :lol :lol drama queen moment over. :lol

Anyway, she took us to Crystal Connection and Lemuria. It was sooooo goood to walk into a new age store again!! I took a deep breath in! *snnnnnnifff* We de-mugglefied :lol ourselves first @ CC with all the amazing crystals. I bought a music cd Merlin’s Magic Healing, 3 Karma bead Miracle bracelets so me, Martin and Andrew can put our wrists together & say “Power Rangers Go!” or something to that effect! :lol Then we surprised Andrew w/a citrine Laughing Buddah pendant. He was thrilled!! He said he can feel the energy from it.

Then off to Lemuria. Andrew loved that place. He even met a student of his massage therapist, Betsy, she’s one of the owners! They were burning frankensense resin. LOVED that! I could smell my hair later to bring me back there! :lol They had a dog in there who would roll onto his back for a belly rub so how was ANdrew suppose to resist that!?? He had to rub the belly! :lol He then found a cool Buddah candle so we just had to get him that too! Spoil much?? :lol I don’t think so! Not after what he has been thru!!

We then had dinner on the water in St. Pete. Andrew ate a 10 oz steak and baked potato. It felt so good to be doing normal things again!! His wound doc will love to hear he ate steak. SHe wanted him eating protein to help heal his heel. (that one’s for u Patti! :D ) He walked the whole time we were out with no problem! I am just so excited! He didn’t even get tired! He didn’t get nauseus! Ok, he took Zofran (4 nausea) b 4 we went out..cheater! :lol He wasn’t wore out at all!!! He was all chatty Kathy when we got back. Surprised Amy, his nurse. She couldn’t believe how energetic he was!

He was so excited because he has decided on his wish & has been researching it. Someone from another wish organization came in and talked to Andrew. He’s excited because he can work with them one on one! AND there’s not a lot of paper work involved like with the other one! I’m liking that! No Gene SImmons for him now! :-( I woulda liked that!! He is going for the mac daddy of all computers. Martin got him a computer magazine and he FOUND IT! He is so excited! It’s around a $10,000 computer!! :eek :eek I asked “does it wipe ur butt????” He replied “Infact it does!” :lol :lol That will come in handy in isolation!! :rollin :rollin So he’ll be going on about this till he gets it now! :lol

Tomorrow….later today, if Andrew is up to it, we’ll be going home for a few hours!! :dog :dog :dog This way his friends can come by and see him as well as Elatia. SHe was planning on coming up so this will make it easier. My puppy will be doing the :dog :dog :dog We can only be home for about 4 hrs. but that will b great!! :hula

Andrew now knows about Wolfie thanks to my sister!! GEEZ! Couldn’t stop her mouth from running!! Tried the etheric smack but she just didn’t feel it!! :lol He is well enough to to take the news now. He understands.

So now he is sleeping with his Survivor metal, the Laughing Buddah Janice sent him and his new citrine Laughin Buddah he just got! It’s any wonder he can sleep at all now!! Oh yea, that’s right, we score him his “bene” (that he bogarts :lol )everynite! :lol

Monday he starts the chemo again. :( BUT we think this time will be even better! The 2nd round was. His numbers are closer to normal and not at 80,000. :eek He feels better. He may not need it as long this time or as much. I’m just guessing, I don’t know if it’s true. Dr. B doesn’t even know what protocol he is going to use until Monday. Possibly because he didn’t expect him to do so well this time around so he has to figure what protocol to use now. :D This is just my humble opinion. Time will tell.


:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE

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