I can not believe what Martin and I have been through in just the past 6 months! SIX MONTHS people! That’s all it’s been is 6 months! A life time of heart ache in 6 months! Our son was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that in the end took his life! There are marriages that have crumbled under less!

Just going through the diagnosis and treatment was more stress than most will ever have to go through in a lifetime! Yet in our case it just brought the 3 of us closer together. It actually brought out the best in us! And we thought we had already seen the best in each other! Who knew there was more!

While this has been devastating beyond belief, there has been so many blessings as well. I know why Andrew said he wouldn’t change anything if he could go back in time. I know he felt blessed to have met the incredible people that he did at ACH. While they felt blessed by knowing him, I know that’s how he felt about meeting them! He knew if he hadn’t of been diagnosed, he wouldn’t have met some of his favorite peeps! There are some pretty special people at ACH!

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but maybe because I called Pastor Dave at ACH today about volunteering doing manicures, it has brought all this up again.

When you go through something this huge, you form bonds with the people that share it with you! People that are in the trenches right with you. Most of the people at ACH are there because it’s a calling! It’s not just a job. Yea, we met a few that it was just a job, but on the whole, it was a calling! It has to be, to be able to work with sick kids. It’s not an easy life path!

We were very blessed to have the people we did. There were a few I wanted to have beheaded! Wrong life time! :-D But as Andrew said “there was more good than bad!” This from a kid who had needles in his spine at least twice a week, 25 days of chemo in all, hair loss, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal bleed, lung punctured, mouth ulcerations, bed sores, loss of freedom & privacy, and so much more! Yet there was more good than bad! Amazing!

Let’s face it, these people care for children that could leave at any time. Andrew was one of them! I give them credit for showing up everyday & caring everyday!

And Martin and I are still standing after all of this loving each other more than ever and working on getting excited about our lives again…. with Andrew’s help! Yes, we were the perfect parents to raise this Avatar!


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4 Responses to STILL STANDING!

  1. Karen T. says:

    I believe you were too. There is something that just glows from you both! I wrote you a while back at Myspace telling you that whatever it was I saw in you and Martin, I wanted for myself and my family. I told my sister and aunt who are still trying desperately to save my soul(ugh), that two perfect strangers had affected me so much more deeply and profoundly than anyone or anything ever did in my Christian upbringing and path, and that I refused to ignore that and wanted to learn more. Little did I know when I said that (shortly after the January show) that there would be so much more that is even more deep and profound to come with the ascension of your Avatar! You were so blessed to have him, BUT he was to have the two of you too!! Be proud!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    I think this just proves that time is fluid – when you’re in the middle of something, it takes FOREVER… whether it’s something you enjoy or something you hate… but when you look back, it seems like the whole thing went by in a matter of minutes. And this is what I keep saying to you – if it’s only been a small amount of time for the whole thing, then it’s REALLY only been a small amount of time for you to grieve! And it is a testament to your strength and goodness that you ARE still standing! Tall and proud! Even on those challenging days!!!!

  3. Joanie Light says:

    It is definitely a calling to work with sick children. One of Bennie’s internships was at the Shriner’s Burn Hospital in Galveston. It nearly ripped his heart out. He was just not able to detach from the emotion of it, and said he didn’t want to work with children. Every now and then over the course of his career, he’s been referred a child. He’s never turned them down though. Since he can do the Donald Duck voice, kid’s love him, and he’s got some great routines with hand puppets that kid’s really relate to. He works with the elderly now, and they love him, too. I always say, dogs, cats, old folks and kids love my leprechaun. Me, too.

    Many blessings to all who are called to work with children, well and sick. Kudos to you Connie for volunteering to pamper them with manicures. Six months seems so short for so much to transpire. Sending love and hugs to you, Martin, Elatia and Andrew for having the courage to walk this path.

  4. Swati says:

    Yes, what Joanie said…it is a calling to work with sick children. I don’t think I can do it. I am way too sensitive when it comes to kids. Its very heart breaking to see a child suffer (I’m not even going to get into what you’ve gone through Connie).

    When are you going in for the manicures Connie?

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