Stay With Me!

Martin and I went out last night to do some holiday shopping for our Wee Woman, our K-Storm. As we are on our way to the store, Andrew does what he does best, hits us in the heart with songs.

I usually listen to the radio instead of my CDs in the car so Andrew can send me songs and give me messages. Well, he didn’t let me down tonight either. As we leave the house, John Legend’s dance mix “All Of Me” comes on. Martin and I discuss how we like both versions of the song. I tell Martin I will hear this song and a few others at work when I feel like I am getting lost in the chaos of being so busy. I explain that I take it as a sign that Andrew is right there with me, helping me, and reminding me to breathe, and it’s all good.

Marts and I are chatting away when Sam Smith’s song come on, “Stay With Me.” Again Martin and I discuss how we like both versions of the song. The slower one was on. I know the song is over played, but there are versus in the song that Andrew has sent me and I will feel his energy surround me, and that is what I focus on. I NEVER get tired of feeling my boy’s energy, so the song never gets over played for me!

Next thing I know Martin is choked up with tears. Even he still has “dad gene moments.” Martin said that during that song Andrew took him to Siesta Key beach at sunset, and that me, him, Andrew, Elatia and Kaliana were standing on the beach together, holding hands and swaying to this song watching the sunset together. We were feeling connected, feeling like One with everything in the Universe.

Well that brought tears to my eyes too. Martin and I were both choked up and could barely talk as Martin held my hand and whispered, “I just miss him so much!” I replied, “Me too!” And we just basked in our son’s loving energy, while missing him too, with tears streaming down our faces while at a red light.

When the song is over, we are almost to our destination, Martin says, “Enough of that! We had our moment!” I hear Andrew, “I’ll help! Change the station” So I change the radio station and Taylor Swift’s song is on, “Shake It Off” during the chorus. We start laughing our asses off! We had a really good laugh over that one! And it did help us shake it off!

Again, the words in the song “stay with me” wasn’t us saying it to Andrew, but Andrew saying it to us. To stay with him, to not get lost in the grief, to keep moving forward and raising our vibration so we can stay with him.

I know these songs have nothing to do with grief over losing a child, it is the versus in the songs that our kids use to give us messages. And when you add the vibration of the music to it, well, we can feel our child hugging us, kissing us, loving us, talking to us in songs. It helps heighten our senses and to pay attention more to the Higher vibrations around us, which is where our kids are.

Is it as good as when they were here? No! Not yet anyway. The physical body craves the physical contact of hugs, kisses and the I love you mom and dad. But it is better than the alternative, never feeling them at all. Andrew continues to teach us to look beyond what is, to raise our vibration so we can stay with him and keep moving forward and healing grief.

It felt great to feel Andrew with us while we went shopping last night. It felt like the old days in the new way, which is a beautiful thing!

It’s All Good!

Our shadow selves in the parking lot where we went shopping. We thought our shadows looked cool.

Our shadow selves in the parking lot where we went shopping. We thought our shadows looked cool.

This is the version of “Stay With Me”  I hear at work a lot

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  1. great picture to end that post… Amazing moments for you both. Hugs

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