We were in St Pete at a Marriott for a few days, Daniel has been here, so once again computer access is limited and I have to have the time to get in the “zone” to blog. Daniel is going home tomorrow so I will have my lap top back full time again. I know Martin needs to blog the info he is getting from Andrew.

Andrew let us know he was with us after we said how much we missed him being there with us at the hotel. We get off the elevator and there is wedding albums there on a table, and on top was an album, and what was the date??? OCT 22! but it was 2005. It really woulda freaked us out if it had been 2007 too!

We get home and I was admiring the job Tammy the Tall did making up Andrew’s bed, it was all smooth and purdy. I get up this morning and there is a spot on the edge that is wrinkled like someone was sitting there! Hmmmm wonder who it coulda been?? :-D No one had been in there! Also lately I have been feeling a tugging on my left ear. It’s pretty wild. It might be my new hug from Muck. ;-) It usually happens when we are talking about him.

I was havin a wee moment yesterday missing Muck, then I notice the Folger’s commercial was on and at the end I giggled unexpectedly. I realized I was hearing Muck singing “Vulture’s in your cup!” He use to think that that’s what they were saying, well that and “soldier’s in your cup.” roflmao! Martin and I were talking this morning and we found out that we both heard Andrew singing the Folger’s song, only I heard vultures and Martin heard soldiers! Validation for both of us! We were LOAO! I love that boy of mine!

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4 Responses to BACK HOME

  1. Leah Clark says:

    LOL @ Vultures in your cup! Or soldiers, actually. Ewwwwwww…

  2. Swati says:

    The ear tug! I get that too. Is that him? I mean, with me too? I won’t be surprised…knowing how much his being touched me. You know it too. Still shakes me to the core.

  3. admin says:

    Well Swati, as I was reading this & wondering if it was in deed him, I felt it slightly again so I ‘m going to take that as a yes.

    Once we told Andrew what the actual word was they were singing, we LOAO! AND LOAO every time the commercial came on. I think it’s funny that Martin and I both heard him singing during the same commercial. Martin was going into the office so I didn’t think he even heard the commercial. It’s the first time since Andrew left that I really paid attention to it.

  4. Karen T. says:

    I think it’s awesome all of the stuff he gives you guys as validation, signs he’s there, answers to questions, etc. You are blessed!!

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