Right when we think Andrew couldn’t give us anymore cooler signs that he is there, he does! Lately it has been not just a stag, but a white stag! Not a common site. When we went to the hospital for the birth of our granddaughter Kaliana, a truck parked right next to us had an outline in white of a stag. Or we’ll be talking about Andrew and we’ll see a white stag on a truck, (of course a truck because you won’t see a stag on a Lexus or Mercedes,) going by us, as if to say, “Hi ya! I hear ya! I’m right there with ya!”

There has been several occasions lately that we have seen a white stag at just the right moment. Tonight I went to ABC Liquors to get some wine. I like my chardonnay every now and then, ok, more now than then. As I was going to the counter I was thinking about the book and the nightmare it has been to pull it together, (not going to pull on that thread now,) and the apologies I have been making to friends who have bought the book, now a collectors item that will be worth a ton later when the book is HUGE, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, and there’s only 25 left so hurry now, just sayin, anyway, when I look up to see what? That’s right! An outline of a white stag on a box of some kind of alcohol. I have asked Martin when we started seeing the stag, why the stag now? Of course Psychic Boy did not have a definitive answer for me. People think because I am married to him I must get all these great psychic answers from him ALL of the time, but NOPE! I do not! UGH!Damn Psychic Boy! Love him loads anyway.

So, I decide to do what my only choice is in my opinion, to ask Andrew myself. While I don’t get the in depth answers (yet) like Martin does, I do get an answer. FYI, it’s not Muck’s fault, it’s all me. I know he talks to me all of the time, it is me that needs to step it up. I feel him with me all of the time and do hear him when I really focus. And as we all know, focus is not my strong suit since July 11, 2007. Anyway, the feeling I got about why the stag now is because of the book. To help me keep the faith, that all of the aggravation and let downs has been worth it, to keep pushing forward, to trust HIS process even though someone else’s process let me down.  If nothing else, the one thing I have learned in life, is that there is a higher purpose, a bigger picture, in every situation, even if we don’t know what it is at the time. You just have to trust that there is, and eventually you’ll see it, if you allow yourself to.

I know some people might not understand how a white stag as a sign could make us feel good, especially since it was a white stag that came for our son. But we see the bigger picture. Just like seeing 22 makes us feel closer to him even though it is the day he crossed. Andrew works so hard to change the energy of these things. Now, these things let us know he is still with us, not that he was taken away. It’s all about perspective people, and how you CHOOSE to see things. The big lesson in the book is, YOU choose how to see things every single time! YOU choose to find the blessings in every situation no matter how it goes. YOU choose to be happy or sad. A 16yo lived his life that way, and if he could, so can you! Your life is YOUR choice on how to live it, so choose wisely!


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3 Responses to STAG NIGHT

  1. kerri says:

    the way i think about it is that the white stag escorted him, made sure he was comfortable and helped him. so i see that as a sign of the same thing to u. and i totally believe in signs. its like when u have an inside joke and someone sees something to do with it and points it out to u. its comfort or to make u laugh. its a way to help u be more at peace with things too. i like to picture him right there behind u with his hand on ur shoulder. when i watched the book party on the internet thats what i pictured. these are signs of significant things that happened to him, but u cant hold that against those things. its not the white stags fault. how cool would it be to see a majestic creature come up to u and walk with u? and to take u somewhere wonderful? yeah thats awesome. of course it does suck on our end where we miss the physical being. but these are his hugs now that the physical is not there. as much as u talk about how he was here as a physical being, i would expect nothing less than lots and lots of signs for u. and i am happy that u get them. and u know if u didnt mourn the loss of his physical self so much, u wouldnt be the wonderful mother u were to him. but thats just what i think…

  2. Karen T says:

    I think Kerri is right. I love getting signs too. I love hearing about the ones you get. It makes me know that they are not so far away, we just need to pay attention. Hmmmm…wonder who taught me that.

    Love to you Connie.

  3. admin says:

    I LOVE getting signs from Andrew. It is so comforting and validates that there is so much more than here. Andrew is definitely with me & I feel him touching me a lot! While it’s not the same as him being here, it’sbetter than nothing.

    Hmmmm I wonder Karen. ;-) Paying attention and acknowledging them is so key to getting more of them.

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