He can do what no other spider can! :-D

Here’s another thing Andrew has done for Martin since he is busy with a lot of commercial readings. Commercial readings are a whole other ball game when it comes to doing psychic readings. You get the “Who my baby daddy?” or “Is he gonna leave his wife?” or “When is he gonna call? It’s been 6mo.” or “When am I gonna meet my soul mate?” You get the idea. It can take a toll on a reader. Not all psychics can handle commercial readings. I’m surprised I did the short time I did do it. I actually did pretty good.

Martin is a lean mean reading machine! :-D But even he needs to protect to himself from people sucking his energy. Yep Virginia! Vampires do exist! They exist in the form of energy vampires. I’m sure you have met a few people like that, they just suck your energy dry and you are exhausted when they leave.

Well, Andrew introduced Martin to Teddy tonight. Andrew said, “Daddy I want you to meet my friend Teddy, he’s gonna help protect you during your readings.” Martin has all kinds of “interesting” protection around him already. We call it “interesting” because it usually freaks clairvoyants out when they see what is around Martin. LOL While he has this protection, he could use a little more when doing a lot of commercial readings. So in comes “Teddy,” a psychic spider! Yes, you read that right! A psychic spider! Martin said Teddy spun a psychic silk cocoon around him for protection. He said that he can see out but nothing can get in! He said it tickled him as it was being spun around him. That doesn’t sound weird at all!

He said that Andrew decided to introduce Martin to Teddy when he had a “baaawaaa baaawaa” client. Their energy was so whiny and draining that Andrew decided Martin needed a little more help in keeping his energy high so he could give each caller his best. So in comes Teddy the psychic silk spinning spider! If the neighbors only knew what went on in this lil ole house of ours! LOL :-D


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  1. Karen T says:

    Okay…I know it’s my own crazy imagination, but I get a smiling brunette guy with a spider’s body…LMAO! Very cool for Martin that he’s got the back up that he does.

  2. admin says:

    I asked Martin what the spider looked like and he said it was a spider body w/Andrew’s head! lol lol I gotta get a real answer outta him. He can’tlook like that if his name is Teddy!

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