Not what ya think! This is actually about a sock! Yup! A sock!

I wasn’t going to write about it but when I was talking about it today I realized it was what I hoped it was, A SIGN!

Andrew and Wesley had a sock thing going on. Wesley would come over and spend a lot of time here. He would always leave his socks here and Andrew would always steal them! Andrew had like a gazillion pairs of Wesley’s socks. Andrew went through socks like no ones business! While he had a set of the pretties feet I’ve ever seen, I was a nail tech so I know, they could smell like week old road kill! LOL It’s a Jordan trait. Yet they didn’t smell in the hospital.

At the service Wesley wrote on Andrew’s poster board, I forgot the socks! He was going to bring a pair of socks for him, his last pair to “steal!”

This weekend Wesley was here off and on. One time as I walked past Andrew’s room I noticed something different. There was a sock sitting next to his dragon on his chair. I haven’t moved the dragon yet. I asked Martin and Wesley if they placed the sock there. They did not.

So Andrew was at it again! Although it would appear he was kinda taunting Wesley with the one sock! Like “Ha Ha I’m still keeping all of them and only giving you one!” LOL Yup! Andrew letting us know he can still be a teenager! :-D

I shoulda guessed it was him anyway because it was neatly put there, laid out nice and flat like someone smoothed it out. Andrew was a bit OCD when it came to folding clothes and organizing. So a nicely smoothed out sock is his M.O.! ROFLMAO!

I love it when he does stuff like that! Some would get freaked out by it but we love it!

As I’m typing this I have been feeling Andrew working on my 3rd eye. It’s was a buzzing. I closed my eyes to tune in and I could see him first playing around with my 3rd eye like he would do. Hard to describe, then he was kissing my forehead. He was being Andrew first. Then he was Glan Croi and was doing his Avatar work on me. Very Cool! I guess he was “socking it to me!” *tee hee* :-D :-D

Yea, but I still want him back!


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6 Responses to SOCK IT TO ME!

  1. Swati says:

    Very cooooool!! I also think he is doing all this to bring some physicality to your experience with him, because for us in the physical realm, physicality is important. He is AWESOME! Take a picture of the dragon with the sock and post it for us…I want to see this too!! :D :D :D

    And yes, I demand with you that he comes back! :D

  2. Karen says:

    WAY TOO COOL, THANKS FOR SHARING!!!! Andrew a sock theif…LOL! And here I thought the dryer was the only theif when it came to socks! ;-)


  3. admin says:

    In my house it is Andrew who steal the socks not the dryer! LOL

    I did take a pic of the dragon as soon as I saw it. I have to take one now of the dragon and the sock!

    That’s right Sawti! I’m still in the physical and I want the to see some physical stuff from him! He’s an Avatar! He can do it dammit! :-D You don’t just get to leave this Wise One! I mean c’mon! I was counting on him to help me deal with TWO eleMENTALS! Martin the elf and Elatia the merangel! Now I’m here alone! Maybe he needed to be where he is to really help me………naaaaaaaaa I need him here! Now it’s 2 against one, AGAIN! NOT FAIR! *stomps feet in tantrum yet again!*

  4. Kimberley says:

    Hmmm, wonder where he gets his sense of humour from ?
    “He’s a Good Boy”
    What a wonderful sign.

  5. Dana says:

    This is such a coolio story! :D

  6. Joanie Light says:

    What a wonderful sign!

    Remember that scene in Field of Dreams where the people who didn’t believe there were players on the field and then all of sudden they started to see them. I just had a little movie play in my head where you’re standing in Andrew’s room, and you can begin to see him like that. I even saw Andrew saying, “I’ve been standing in front of you this whole time.” I hope it happens for you soon.

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