I forgot to mention that we don’t only “dance” at home. I call it dancing but it’s more swaying. We are more like Jerry Springer or Wayne Newton Dancing With The Stars type! LOL

Anyhoo we were at the Irish Rover Friday. We feel safe there because everyone knows us and they have been so incredibly supportive to us we know we will just be loved there and no BS.

SO Paul, one of the cutie patootie owners, was on Friday night. He played Danny Boy on the sax at Andrew’s service. He played it again Friday night and after he started I knew Andrew wanted us to dance. I asked Martin and much to my surprise he said “YES!” Talk about shocked! He knew Andrew wanted us to dance too.

Again, I think Andrew wanted us to, like he did at the service, to show people how much his parents love each other and that is how we are getting through this. As we danced I kept my eyes closed so I could feel Andrew dancing with us. I knew he was on my left side. During that time it felt like it was only the 3 of us there. As intimate as a moment like that is, I knew it was important to share it with the packed place because it would impact people in a positive way. And it did as everyone at our table was crying! Mission accomplished! :-D

It was sad for me as well as I noticed the donation jar for Andrew’s service expenses for his Ascension. Thanks Junie for doing that!. I remember when Andrew was in there the last time, when he came home for 6 days and he was all excited about the posters with his name on it for the benefit for him. He was feeling a bit famous! And now it’s for funeral expenses. It just made me sad.

I am just grateful to have The Irish Rover in our lives! They have been so good to us! Whatever we needed done there were people to help! Tommy and Junie helped us with Wolfie and are helping us with our sinks, which appears to be a bigger issue than we thought!  They haven’t forgotten about us since Andrew ascended! We’re still dealing with the after math and they know that. SO thank you for being there!

Barb is another one who organized a benefit for Andrew and the band  Strykker  played at. My niece is organizing a fund raiser for us now. There are so many names that deserved to be mentioned here! We are so blessed! Notice the UP moment! :-D


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5 Responses to SO WE DANCED AGAIN!

  1. Swati says:

    ” I knew it was important to share it with the packed place because it would impact people in a positive way. And it did as everyone at our table was crying! Mission accomplished! ”

    I suspect you are led to do this many times…having positive impact on people. Like the bowling alley dad.


  2. Leah Clark says:

    Awww, man… I thought I was going to beat Swati today. LOL :P

    Connie, it was such a pleasure watching you and Martin (and Andrew) dance at the Ascension service. As far as I’m concerned, you’re too good for Jerry Springer! or Dancing with Cigars, for that matter.

    Remember that the donation jar is part of what keeps the abundance flowing. People being inspired to give, which inspires more giving, and so on. You’re in the flow, baby!!!

    Speaking of the Rover, I want some chicken strips and chips! Mmmm…

  3. admin says:

    shhhhhh Leah, but the other reason Andrew had us dance was to move people to donate as well ;-) He wants to make sure we are taken care of. The jar is to pay for the service. He’s done a great job these past 4 months! He’s a good child!

    HAHAHAHAH Dancing with Cigars!

    Hopefully I didn’t traumatize the bowling alley dad too much Swati! LOL

  4. Sue says:


    It is much better to sway with feeling and musicality–which IS dancing–than it is to “know steps” and move with a total mechanical robotic action. Not that I haven’t done that, but I just cringe when I see people come in for dance classes who want to “learn steps.”

    Dancing isn’t steps. Dancing isn’t about dips and hitting lines and posing. It’s about MOVING and MUSIC and EXPRESSION.

    You can do that way more with swaying together than a lot of marionettish wannabe dancers learning steps.

    I AM grateful for Dancing with the Stars though–10 years ago, no one knew what the heck “quickstep” was. Now people find me impressive. ;-)

    Little do they know…. evil laugh….


  5. admin says:

    And that’s exactly what it is Sue, we feel the words , the music and Andrew!

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