So The Cancer Journey Continues… with Update

Believe it or not, since starting the holistic protocol from Martin’s diagnosis date, Aug 12th, Martin is feeling a difference in his throat. We started immediately on supplements the day of his diagnosis. Then when we got back from Miami/FT Lauderdale, Martin started the more aggressive (for lack of a better term) holistic therapy on Aug 22. Imagine that, the 22nd he started, go figure ;-) He has been sleeping more, which is good, it gives the body more time to heal.

He can open his mouth wider, and swallow food and drinks easier. I think the tumor feels a tad bit smaller too. He still feels great, just tired a bit more, but that will fade with time as he proceeds on this protocol. It’s still a million times better than the side effects of chemo and radiation.

He has an acupuncture appt tomorrow, so we’ll see if the doc notices any differences too.

Martin has 2 very good & trusted Shaman friends that are working closely with him on his holistic treatment. That doesn’t mean we won’t be getting a holistic dr as well.That is also in the works. Again, we are so happy that we have the time to do things our way! To do research and make choices that feel right for us. As long as there is no getting worse, we will continue on this holistic pathway.

So for now, everything is going along grand and Martin still feels great. We are still raising money for treatment, because even holistic treatments are not cheap and Martin needs to work less so he can heal. If you feel guided, any donation is a HUGE help in Martin’s cancer treatment. Thank you to all who have helped us on yet another cancer journey! It has meant the world to us! Andrew appreciates you supporting his parents yet again! Much love and blessings to you all!


It’s All Good!


So Marts had his acupuncture appt today(8/28) and was nervous about telling her that he wasn’t  taking her advice to do chemo & radiation now. She was supportive of his decision, and in his treatment she stuck some needles right in the tumor which she hasn’t done before.

Martin described to her how it has been feeling lately and she said his description was indicative of a tumor shrinking. So it appears it is not his imagination, that the tumor appears to be shrinking! It’s still early in the game, but so far so good! Things are going according to plan! YAY! He has another appt next week. I think because of our decision to go holistic, she wants to see him every week now.

It’s All Good!

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  1. will on the first.. sending healing and hugs to both of you..

  2. Thank you Jacki for your constant love and support!

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