(Ok, when you break out the whiny, show your hiney song, I know it’s time to get on the blog.)

…..I think I got this one. If you have been to our show, or saw my clip on myspace, you know that is a line from my act. Well, Andrew has been kinda playing that game with Martin lately on some of his readings.

When Martin gets these readings that I joke about in my act, Andrew plays with him to keep things interesting. Like when this person calls late at night, then again first thing in the morning asking about the same loser relationship! Andrew has to play with Martin so Martin doesn’t reach thru the phone to choke this person who is not listening.

What does Andrew do? He hides his face with his hands like he use to when he was little, thinking we couldn’t see him. It’s even funnier now that he is older doing it when he has no psychic info for Martin. Andrew will also break into his “I dancing” little jig he use to do when he was little when he knew he was in trouble. Or he does his “Meat da meat da meat” with hand motions he would do when he wanted lunch meat. He will also start doing his nails and say “You talking to me? You talking to me?” He does these things to distract Martin from getting frustrated and keeps the mood light. It’s those kinds of readings that Martin got burned out on before on Keen. Now he has Andrew to keep it interesting. :-D

WARNING! Rant ahead.

As far as our show on Saturday in Zephyrhills, it went really well. A lot of people bought tickets and didn’t show up. The Celtic festival was on and I guess they forgot to show up, who knows. It would have been nice to have had more breathing bodies there, but it was worth going up. We love the place. It use to be a funeral home, hence me saying “breathing bodies.”

We are finding so many of these places are having way too much drama. It’s frustrating! A local place that wanted us back has a court battle going on and ALL kinds of crap so we can’t do anything there again until that is settled. Apparently lightworker and integrity do not go hand in hand. The place we’re suppose to be at this Sat, Lemuria, their phone is disconnected and their website is down. I called businesses around them to get them a message to call me since they are still open and NOTHING! No call. Another place, the owner I was dealing with, is no longer there and there appears to be a lot of crap goin on there. I am sooooooo over it! I told Martin that with all the trauma we’ve been through, we have it more together than anybody or any place we have been dealing with! WTF???!! I just don’t have the energy for all this BS. I really don’t.

I’m hoping our gigs in a few weeks work out at least. Ya know, really have a sold out show with actual bodies! What a feakin concept! I am so tempted to cancel our So-Cal trip because I just can’t afford to do shows that aren’t sold out or almost sold out. I’m still paying for the Oct/Nov shows! It’s not like these places are big. Without someone to help promote us in the media I feel we are just spinning our wheels.

Martin sez that when we go to places, we shine our big ole Light and I guess it shines on whatever people are trying to hide. Who knows, I just want people to do what they say they are going to do. Apparently that is asking a lot! BUT our cuz is arriving from Ireland tomorrow and I will have a playmate for a few weeks. Sooooooo end of rant and……


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Took me a sec to get the “breathing bodies” part…lol.

    And I am still snickering at Andrew’s antics during the lame-o reading. Hee-hee!

    I am holding space for no more wheel spinning for you guys…you’re light is awfully bright, but come on already!!

    Have a ball or two with the cuz.

  2. Leah Clark says:

    It is interesting to note that “Lightworkers” do have their fair share of drama. I thought, after leaving the Christian church, I was done with all that crap. WRONG!!! But at least it doesn’t surprise me anymore. Hey, at least the Sufferin’ Hills crowd bought tickets, even if they didn’t show up! I know things are just going to get better for youse guys. And I’m glad your playmates are almost here!!!

  3. admin says:

    LOL Sufferin Hills! Is that like Sorrysota or Palmghetto or Ft Liquordale? LMAO I like my Sorrysota! Yea, it doesn’t matter where you are, when people are involved, there is going to be BS! I thought LW were more evolved than all this, my mistake. I have come to expect it from Christians and ALL organized religions. I guess I have a hard time dealing with it because of everything we’ve been through and we still have it together. Some of this is sooooooo ego based and just intolerable. Geez don’t even get me started on ALL the illness with some of these places too! OMG! Seriously? Is anyone practicing what they teach? I know one young man who actually did no matter what and he vibrated his way outta here! Note to self…….
    Martin and I were LOAO on the patio as Martin was telling me all the things Andrew was doing. It brought back a lot of beautiful, fun memories of our Muck’s younger years. As busy as he was as a kid, he was always filled with such joy and made it hard to be mad at him.

    I’m sure EVERYONE is happy I have a playmate for a few weeks. It won’t be purdy when she goes home I tell ya!

  4. Swati says:

    It is interesting to note that “Lightworkers” do have their fair share of drama. I thought, after leaving the Christian church, I was done with all that crap. WRONG!!!
    RIGHT! I mean about you saying “WRONG!”. :-D Like Connie said…where there are people, there will be drama.

    Connie…I hope the rest of your shows are a BLAST! With breathing bodies. AND sold out shows. Wish I could do something about it. I wish I could do something about many things. lol. But since I can’t, I’ll go do what I can…which is, make lunch. Sending you all hugs…

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