Martin and I had to go to Brandon and Thonotosassa today to meet with the owners. Teasha at Under The Gypsy Moon in Brandon couldn’t wait to meet us and book more events. Pearl at Mystikal Scents in Thonotosassa just wanted to meet us since she booked like 9 events with us. It was good to meet them and get the lay of the land. Plus when they meet “the talent” venues tend to get more excited about talking about the events to their customers.

We have been getting signs from Andrew ALL of the time but today even got Martin’s attention. I guess Andrew wanted to let us know he is really with us with our concerts every step of the way. We left Mystikal Scents and went to McDonalds because we were hungry, wanted to get home and needed something fast. As we were waiting for our food, Martin and I notice this young teenager’s shirt. On the back of his shirt was like a black and white sketch of an eagle. The cool thing was that there was a bold red sword on the back as well, with the initial “A” in Old English writing in the middle of the sword, with a crown in black and white sketching at the top of the sword. Andrew was into swords big time and to have an A on it? C’mon! No denying that one. ;-)

On the way home Andrew was playing with Martin with signs giving messages in license plates. I asked Andrew why he was playing with Martin and not just telling him the messages. He said (and by said, I mean it was quick thoughts in my head along w/feelings, not his voice in my head) “Because it’s more interesting this way and it keeps Daddy on his toes. It gets him thinking outside the box.”  I even got a license plate answer to something I was talking about, although I’ll still need more assurance than a message on a license plate, but this was fun!

So what were the messages we were getting from the license plates I hear you ask? Well, here they are:

1. AM3221=Andrew and Martin Communicating Messages from the One. 3’s in numerology means communication, 22, well for us, it represents Andrew’s messages and 1 is Andrew’s destiny number, which means independence, a leader.

2. 713 IAM= Spiritual Teacher I AM. (in best Yoda voice) Adding the numbers together they = 11 which is a Spiritual Teacher. I think the Yoda voice was to let us know that he met up with a friend’s father who we adored, who crossed earlier this week who we called Yoda. We saw this plate as we were discussing how our concert is more than a concert but also a teaching tool. That we are bigger than ourselves. We take the audience on a journey and when they are right there with you, it makes for a magickal evening!

3. GET 560= Get Spiritual Teaching! I saw this one as I was talking about our California shows and how much I do want to go but things need to be in place for us to go and hoping I will get clear guidance about what to do SOON! I was LMAO when I saw this one.

4. AMW 7330= We dunno. Haven’t figured this one out yet but think it might be a message. Maybe Andrew, Martin and Witchy Woman? Have to think about those numbers.

We had a fun day out with Andrew finalizing up coming events. It was like old times… in the new way.


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2 Responses to SIGN ME UP!

  1. Karen T. says:

    I can’t explain, but I am soooo happy to read about you happy and having fun. Yay for Connie!!

  2. admin says:

    I understand Karen. That’s why I am so happy to have you guys here! You understand how rare it has been for me to have a good run of real fun, happiness & joy. It wasn’t anyone on here that didn’t understand how important it was to have our time with our family & only be focused on that. As a family, we are still dealing with our HUGE loss and we needed to be with them as much as they needed to be with us as we are ALL still trying to adjust to this loss still. Being in Ireland makes it easy for it not to be real for the family, but when they are here, they can’t deny Andrew has left us physically. I know AnneMarie had to go thru more grieving being here. I know it became more real for her this time, we needed this little cocoon as a family so we could just be.

    No one here expected anything from us during our family time, and I know all of you were happy to see me so happy for a change. It was people who never come here to the blog and really don’t know what I have been going thru these past 2 yrs that expected more from me than I could possibly give during those 3 weeks of shear nirvana! Like going to an oncology ward and then hospice. Seriously? Are you new? How can you expect that of me during the one time I am really happy?! But I would have done it, no matter how hard it might have been, if I had no family here visiting from IRELAND! NOT Ga. or OH or anywhere in the US but EUROPE! I find the more time that passes, the harder it is for me to be around hospitals and things connected to illness and crossing. That is where I am at the mo w/the grieiving process. Like I don’t think I could even go to ACH now like I could before. This was an important and big trip for our family as well. The last time Martin saw his sister, it was at Andrew’s 2 services. We all needed this time to just be happy and enjoy one anothers’ company and NOT have it be about trauma and loss but celebration. What does oncology and hospice say to you?

    Everyone here has ALWAYS been very supportive and have wanted the best for me. And for that I am deeply grateful! And is why I miss you when you guys aren’t here.

    ((((GROUP HUG)))))

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