Martin is doing everything he can to rebuild our lives with Andrew in his new position. Hence the trip to Minnesota. I don’t get to talk to him much because he’s busy with building websites with his new job and putting together the teachings of Andrew.

So I miss our times when we talk about Andrew and what he’s been up to. I sleep more in the day out of boredom and he goes to sleep earlier than me so lately I’ve been able to get the computer. We haven’t had a chance to talk like we normally do, that’s what helps me stay in a better frame of mind. Again, I’m just not feeling right due to allergies. If the meds would just do what they say they would do then maybe things would be better! Tonight I am really having a hard time breathing. I didn’t leave the house at all today, maybe that’s why. Spent most of the day in bed. It’s was like -12 TODAY! Not good walking weather!

But Martin did tell me later on today that Andrew was lying beside me watching the movie with me. He saw energy behind me. That made me feel good. I did feel a buzzing on my head today. But tonight Andrew did something a little different. I was sitting in the chair watching a movie and I smelled cologne. I knew it wasn’t Martin. Even with my nose being mostly plugged I could smell this cologne.

I mentioned it to Martin and he said he didn’t smell it, that it must be Andrew doing it for me. I went to the stairs to see if maybe someone had taken a shower down stairs. I didn’t smell it there. Only by my chair! So that was nice!

Most of the time I can stay focused on who and where he is now because Martin and I are always talking about him and what’s going on with him. But when I have this much time alone, don’t feel well, and can’t go anywhere, don’t have access to a whole lot like a computer or cable tv it becomes a lot harder! It hits me like a ton of bricks that Andrew isn’t here physically. It becomes a border line panic attack.

But hopefully it will all be worth it by the time we leave. The “Pure Heart Method” should be done and ready to teach!

So stay tuned for that! Time to watch the X-Files now while I can.


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6 Responses to SCENT OF AN AVATAR!

  1. Tammy says:

    Use the phone as ma Bell once said “reach out & touch someone”
    We can always help some how!!!

  2. Denise says:

    I agree with Tammy !!!! I know you said you just don’t call people but we are here darlingk. Love You


    Miss ya

  3. Leo says:

    Dear Connie,
    Hugs. Now I know why I was pulled here to read the blog.

    My prayers are with you.

    How sweet Andrew gave you perfume.

    All the things he does sound like a highly evolved Catholic saint. I should ask him about the saints he might bump into over there.

    I hope it helps to know so many care.

  4. Swati says:

    That is sooo sweet. Connie it looks like you and I sense things in the same way. We both seem to “just know”, and we employ our sense of smell for psychic sensing. Have you tried asking your Angels or Andrew for specific flowers? I often ask for roses and smell them soon enough.

  5. Leila says:

    As I read this my room is filled with the fragrance of white lilies.

    It would be nice if you could get out in some sunshine for a bit. How long before you’re home where it’s nice and warm?
    How’s lil Merlin doing in the snow?

    Sending oodles of love and hugs,


  6. admin says:

    We’re here till the 19th Leila. Merlin stays inside as he shivers too much outside. Don’t want to have a pupsycle on my hands! :-D

    We do don’t we Swati?

    As much as we were not into religion & are recovering Catholics, he really does sound like a Catholic Saint. St. Patrick is one of Martin’s Guides and he wouldn’t admit to being a Saint for the longest time. LOL You should ask Andrew who he’s bumped into since going back Leo!

    It does help to know so many care!

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