Andrew took Martin on another journey showing him what really goes on behind the scenes, meaning how Andrew works on us energetically to keep us going. We really are his puppets! Andrew does this work on us A LOT and occationally he let’s Martin witness it. This energy work on us is the only explanation I have for how Martin and I have come this far without falling apart, without grief counseling, without prescription drugs or alcohol. Instead we have moved foward and have dealt with our grief and pain head on, with a little help from our friends on the other side, well, one friend inparticular.

Martin and I were on our crystal beds, now mind you I still have no recollection of any of this when it goes on and apparently Martin isn’t privvy to it all either. Hopefully one of these days I will get to witness it too. Andrew pulled out of his robe a velvet wrap, the kind that tuning forks come in, that he laid out on the table. Andrew unfolds the velvet and Martin sees a series of scalpals, like 8 of them, but they weren’t your run of the mill 3rd dimensional scalpals. Oh no, most certianly not! How could they be? Why would you need scalpals on the higher dimensions? You wouldn’t. These scalpals were crystal like. Andrew took out one of the scalpals and he was very precise on what one he took, and he placed it right on my 3rd eye chakra and the scalpal glowed an indigo color. He then made an incision and as he held the scalpal there it drew out negative energy and the scalpal absorbed it. He then shook the scalpal which cleared it. He then placed it back on my 3rd eye and repeated the process until the scalpal was clear. Inside the pouch was a green crystal, not a scalpal, that he rubbed on my 3rd eye which closed the incision.

Andrew then went to his scalpals lying there and took a different scalpal, he precisely picked this one as well. He then made an incision in my heart chakra. The scalpal was glowing green, did the same thing as before, pulling out any negative energy until the scalpal was clear. He took the green crystal again to seal the incision and chakra. He then took the green crystal and ran it up and down my body, balancing it.

Once he was done with me, he went to work on Martin doing the same thing. Andrew was on his own, not with his posse that I hear he tends to bring when he assists people with 3rd dimensional healings. I love hearing these stories, just hearing about them I can feel the healing energy.


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