Can’t believe I didn’t write about this event! It’s pretty freakin cool! We did our Only Love is Real Concert on Int’l It’s All Good Day. As usual, except for the 1st year which is why I started this day, it has been a beautiful day. The 1st anniversary was on Laguna Beach with his girlfriend and other friends at sunset, then a WELCOME PARTY afterward with cake, balloons and banners. The 2nd anniversary was the concert at home with 20 people there and the WELCOME HOME party. This year Martin and I first took Elatia, JR, and our cousin Chrissy out to lunch at Olive Garden. We brought Muck’s pic and got his fav cake, a carrot one, and had a really nice time spending lunch together celebrating our Muck.

That evening we did our concert in Bradenton FL. I called earlier that week to see if there had been any tickets sold, there had not. I wanted to cancel but they said there was a lot of buzz about us and we should show up. I still thought we should cancel but went along with the owner anyway. I figured no matter what, it would be a celebration of Andrew and his journey. Well, I was right! NO ONE showed up from the venue, only a few of our friends, two of them were taping and brought their young son, one came to see the concert plus our cousin Chrissy.

Martin and I are professionals so the show must go on. We keep showing up proving over and over again to the Universe that we are serious. This was my last time booking a show. Hopefully when we have our book launch people will be calling us because I am done with booking shows. Anyway, during the concert while Martin is singing a song, I ask Andrew to please show up in a picture because I really needed something from this concert we are doing for just 5 people and for free. Jesse is taking pictures throughout our show and I see her looking at her camera weird then showing it to Carson. I figured she caught a solid orb or something. I woulda been even happy with that. But oh no! It was so much more than that! SO much more!

Jesse was going to delete the picture because she thought she had moved the camera and the picture came out blurry, then she looked closer and the rest of the picture was clear it was only one spot that was “blurry!” It was Martin’s face! There was an energy vortex over his face!! AND only his face! It was our Muck! It was so amazing to see that! I have to figure out how to put the picture here, I want to share it everywhere! Martin said that is what Andrew’s energy feels like when he is in Martin’s energy field. What an amazing gift! My boy came through for me again! He gave his Pretty Mama a wonderful present for his 3rd anniversary of his journey Home. What an amazing Being he is! We are so blessed!


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  1. kerri says:

    i try to read these in order that u write them. i asked about the pic in the last blog and here u talk about it. lol. so funny! its all good!!!

  2. Karen T says:

    That pic is awesome! Andrew delivers, once again!!

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