This morning got really rough. Here’s the paragraph I had written on the ATP board. When something like this crops up I immediately go there and get all my healer friends on it.
I am concerned now as Andrew had another bowel movement and it looked redder to me, it looks like all blood & had some chunks in it. Sorry for that but it has me concerned. He nearly passed out just from sitting on the potty beside his bed. He had a bit of it on the bed & on his clothes and it just looks like blood to me. :eek Fighting with every once I have not to freak out! His lips have no color now and I’m scared! Waiting for Martin

Martin got here and I stayed for a bit then went back to my room hoping to wake up to better news. WHich I did. *phew* He has a G.I. team now watching him closely. They think he has a small bleed in his intestines and that giving him platelets will take care of it. If not then they have to take a camera up his bootay, a very cute bootay I must say too!

:eek Andrew said he wasn’t gonna have that because his friends will make fun of him! :lol Not the fact a camera would be going up his butt, it’s the fact his friends will make fun of him! BOYZ!! :lol He gave me the whole conversation about how they will say he liked it and is gay. I said “and u would do that to them too right?” He said “But of course! In a heart beat!”:lol

We kid but it was very hard for me because he can’t even get up now and is using a bed pan again! When I clean him up he has blood running down the cheek of his behind. How can a mother NOT be scared by this. I’m use to dealing with a HEALTHY child. Blood from anywhere is scary! He was given blood and platelets today and needs them again now. 3a.m. (oops just gave my self away! I’m suppose to be sleeping now!) BUT he hasn’t gone poopy again and he ate a hotdog w/ no hassle. At least he’s feeling better now. Still not wanting to get up yet tho. His hemoglobin is still down and that may be why.

He is also scheduled for a MRI for his brain again to make sure the bleed he had at the base of his brain is still gone. The NP doesn’t think anything is wrong just wants to make sure. I concur. With bleeding like this today u check everything! You don’t assume anything!

ANdrew did get his massage today by Betsy, he just loves her! He’s treating the hospital like a spa now! :-) He puts in his request for a massage daily.
Ill be leaving in about 5 hours to go home and get ready for the benefit tonight. I’m going to this one. I haven’t been home for 2 1/2 weeks! My weiner dog is gonna flip out! I miss him! Martin is going to b upset when he finds out I have in fact NOT been sleeping! So I better go now!


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