The weirdest thing happened Saturday night when Jeremy was here. I know! Hard to believe we would think something was more weird than what we already have going on.

We love frogs, they are highly revered in the Elemental Kingdom. There will be one frog that sits by our front door as summer approaches and when I bend down to pet him he bows his head and closes his eyes and allows me to pet him. Cool huh? I’ve shared that on the Angel board when it first happened.

So Martin and Jeremy are on the patio all night talking Sat. I left them alone to let them have their bromance time. :-D I went out about 1:00a.m. Jeremy said that he knew Andrew was going to take him on a journey that night when he slept in his room. I start my whine fest that I don’t get any cool dream visitations by Andrew.

All of a sudden the frogs start croaking in unison! Martin and Jeremy said they have been doing that all night if the conversation went lower in vibration! SO we started talking more positive and they stopped…all at once! I wanted to test it so we said something negative they started, positive they stopped! EVERY TIME! It sounded like all the frogs were just in our yard too! They were hopping all over the patio. It was quiet if we stayed positive, even in the distance, no frogs. It was so odd!

I went on some other rant and the frogs started again but Martin said they were laughing and enjoying it. LOL (remember he talks to bugs and crystals)

Then Martin said something and they started again, Martin then said “Keep it up and I’ll have your stripes!” Elementals can talk to one another like that. When he said that, it got quiet real fast! All 3 of us were ROFLOAO!!

Our yard is in deed a magickal one and it is more enhanced now having the “Listening Tree” in our front yard!


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5 Responses to RIBET RIBET

  1. Susan says:

    I love frogs! That is hilarious! :D I think you should youtube that!

  2. Karen T. says:

    This was an awesome picture in my head, except for I kind of see frogs in a cartoony fashion when I think of them. :) I always saw smiles and expressions on my Beardie’s faces too. Raising Bearded Dragons was a huge hobby for me before becoming a mom. We’ve decided we’ll be getting back into them when Aly’s last mouse crosses over. Dragon smiles are awesome. And my cartoony frog faces rock too! I pictured them all smiling with their eyes closed, listening intently to the positive and getting a bit mad when the negative interrupted their bliss…LMAO…on that note, this tired mommy is off to bed!! Zach finally gave in at a quarter to 1:00!!
    BTW, the magickal yard thing? I know that I’ve never seen before or since, the red beetle like bugs that were in your front garden. :) Born and raised Florida too. Hmmmmm.

  3. Swati says:

    LMAO!!!!!!! I should get some of those frogs to live with me and sound an alarm the moment the vibration went down! LOLOLOLOL!!

  4. Dana says:

    Oh man! We live in the country and have an abundance of loud frogs! Tis coolio going to sleep listening to them right outside our window tho! We have all kinds from little tree frogs to the big CROAKERS too!

    I love your story about keeping the conversation ‘high’ *grin*

    Karen – me mums loves bearded dragons! We’ve never had one of our own, but #2 son had friend that did. Every time we visited Max, me mums took his bearded dragon and it rode on her shoulder! She cooed at like a baby! I got to carry Max’s snake in my hoodie pocket. They are awesome! But we had 12 rats at the time – no snakes for us! *lol*

    I just love having my critters (inside AND outside!) around me!

  5. Karen T. says:

    Hi Dana,
    The Beardies were like Lays potato chips for me…started with one and soon had five! My original was a giant male (2 foot/2 pounds) and loved to be nuzzled and spoiled! I had 2 males and 3 females when I got pregnant and just didn’t have the energy to keep them all. Kept the original male and the biggest female, but gave them to a wonderful lady that does Beardie rescue here just a few months after the move. She spoiled Zooki (the original) just like I did. He passed a year ago and she was heart broken (as was I). She told me that in all her years as a herp person, she’d never met a more loveable Beardie! That was my original baby!! And now that Aly is a bit older and Zach isn’t so needy of me, we will venture back down the Beardie road….after the mouse goes though. Right now she has a dog, a mouse and 2 lizards from the yard that are sooo skittish. Have to introduce her to the lovies!!

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