Martin and Connie Jordan

FINALLY! We are reading TOGETHER from the Emerald Isle! After 9 months apart, Martin and I are together!

Catch us while you can at this limited time special rate!

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To celebrate that Martin is done with treatment, out of hospital, and feeling better, AND that we are together again finally, we are reading together at a VERY special rate!

Normal rates are $120 for 1 hour, $65 for 30 minutes, $50 for 20 minutes, which is still a deal for BOTH of us! Well, ALL 3 of us really! ;-)

BUT rates ARE going up after Oct 31st! So book your appointment SOON!

Rates after Oct 31st will be $150 an hour for Martin, $175 per hour for both of us. $80 for 1/2 hour with Martin, $90 1/2 hour for both of us. $45 for 15 minutes with Martin, $50 for 15 minutes for both of us.  Even these new rates are steal for what you get!

For a limited time, we are doing readings TOGETHER for $2 per minute, 30 per minute minimum. Now that’s a steal of a deal!

SO whether you want a mediumship, relationship, career, life path, connect with your Angels and Guides reading, we do it all! Instant Message me on Facebook, and I’ll get you set up! It doesn’t matter where you are! We have clients around the globe!

Martin is also available for Past Life Regressions (PLR) via Skype as well as in person.

We do readings on Skype so make sure you have that, you can down load it for free, and we use paypal for payment. I’ll email you the details on that with your appointment.

Take advantage of this NOW because we don’t know how much longer we’ll be doing one on ones! We are focusing on our events more!

Here’s what a few ppl had to say:

“Connie and Martin, thank you so much for the wonderful reading! I got the clarity that I needed. Good things all around! You guys are awesome!”

“Just had a great reading with Connie and Martin Jordan. I highly recommend their readings. Gets right to the clarity. No BS!” ~Joanie~

“Had a ‘fantastic reading’ last nite from Martin Jordan. Got so much validation & he was ‘incrediably accurate’. Feel so blessed so many loved ones came through for me & got confirmation on my life path from spirit guides & angelic messages. I highly recommend this guy. He has a ‘amazing gift’.”  ~Saz Don~

“I went to see a medium called Martin this evening. When I got home tonight this memory that my sister sent me one year ago today was on my fb page. She passed away three weeks after she sent me this. The medium told some wonderful things about her tonight and I truly believe every single one of them. She is always with me and I love her with all my heart. To me, if proof were needed, this is it xxxxxx” ~Aileen W~

It’s All Good!


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