Missed it? No probs! SO did I! I was at a Women of Moxie networking gathering. I was drag…..I mean invited to go by Denise and Colleen. :-) And I am glad I went! Much to my surprise everyone I talked to was open to what we do! Living in a conservative yet high vibrational area, there is still so many here that are asleep to their spiritual gifts. Shocking I know! We live in a vortex that is stronger than Sedona Arizona and most here are totally unaware of it! Oh well, at least I met those that were open to what I do!

Anyhoo, that is why I wasn’t on the radio show tonight. It sounds like it is show worth listening to even if you didn’t catch it live. Check it the archives! blogtalk radio Andrew and Martin talked about OBE’s so I will be checking out the archives!


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  1. Swati says:

    Talked of OBE’s? I’ll be checking it out too…as soon as I get the chance.

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