For those who may not already know, that is what we have decided to do first for the music cd. Since our producer has had some life issues going on and needs time to settle in, we decided to do an unplugged version of the cd first. If it’s good enough for Bon Jovi….. ;-)

When we thought of it, it really made a lot of sense. That’s how our show will be for awhile, just Martin on the guitar singing. It’s always gone over well at the Irish Rover. If it’s good enough for the Irish Rover… :-D Once we build the show up, then we can add musicians if we know any in an area that we will be performing in. For instance, in the Detroit area we have a bass player and a drummer, who will also be on the studio version of the cd.

Martin has done a beautiful job with the cd covers, front, back, cd panel. I think people are going to fall in love just with the cd covers before they even hear the music.
We are mailing the cd to the replicator place on Tuesday so we should have the cd by next Wednesday. I want to have a cd release party at the Irish Rover next Sat the 17th. Martin thinks it’s too early to do it “just in case” we don’t get the cd by Sat., I do not. Your vote? Next Saturday at the Rover Yay? or Nay?

I already booked a show/concert on Sat, Feb 7th at the I AM Healing Center in Sarasota. I’m looking to book more concerts in January around town…especially since I can’t find a job. :-p I’m looking at Unity or Church of Religious Science churches to do our show at. If you know of any in your area or any venue that would be interested, just let me know!

Martin just wrote a beautiful song called For Andrew it’s the 12th song for the cd. It really is heart touching, the music is great. I’m going to see if he’ll put it up on their myspace page. PureHeart Myspace


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I want a cd. Did I not say or do I need to do more than that? Lemme know. Yay!

  2. Dana says:

    Hey! Do the Irish Rover and if the cd’s are not here – take orders! At least they will know about your music and the show! Are you going to take the stage and do some of your comedy too Connie?

    I posted 2 addresses/emails in an earlier blog – one for the Open Mind and one for our local Unity Church. Did you copy those down yet?

  3. admin says:

    In deed I did Dana. Once I have a few shows under my belt here and see how easy it is for places to get people to them, I will be willing to go out of State again. I wrote them on my out of State list and also so I can see about booking more shows in MI. I’d want to book a show or 2 around the Detroit area.

    I won’t be doing any of my comedy really except for the few jokes I had about Andrew in the hospital and since he crossed.

    I will let you know when they come in Karen and I can meet up with ya.

  4. Swati says:

    Hmmm…difficult to say whether you should do a CD release show without the CDs on Saturday or not… I don’t know. So I won’t say yay or nay. I’ll just twiddle my thumbs.

  5. admin says:

    But we should have the cd’s by next Tuesday or Wednesday. I say it’s worth the risk of planning a cd release party next Saturday since that gives us 2 extra days to get the cd’s in even if they are late we should still have them in before Saturday.

  6. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I have to agree with Martin on this one, based on my experience with CD duplication places. They are notorious for being late on delivery. And the key with CD sales is to get ’em while they’re hot! If you do the show and don’t have CDs, most people won’t pre-order, and they won’t come back to your site and buy later in most cases. I say wait a week, be sure you’ll have the CDs, and sell LOADS of them! Just my 2 cents.

    (And btw – I want a CD too, but that’s about what’s in my wallet right now – 2 cents! I will be buying one, though! Save me one!)

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Here’s a site for a Science of Mind church by me – http://www.tampabaychurch.org/- also Harmony Metaphysical Church (from what I understand, Donna Jeanne is better) http://www.iamharmony.com

    I’ve been trying to get ahold of Carole – Tuesday is a busy day for her. I’ll call her again tomorrow and see if I can hook youse guys up. You can also call her directly – she’ll remember you for sure – 813-964-1156

  8. Swati says:

    Oh you’ll get the CD’s before the show! That’s great then! The only reason I couldn’t scream yay for w/o the CD’s was losing the impulsive buyer. I am one…so I was thinking like one in this case. So suppose I went to a show, and I loved their music, I would go look for it right away. If its not there, and instead I have to place an order, I might just skip it. And later, even if I had liked it…it totally slips my mind under the myriads of things in life. Of course, not all are impulsive buyers either…and that’s why I couldn’t say nay :-P. Am I not very helpful? LOL!

  9. Swati says:

    Oh and btw…just so you know, I am getting junk emails from “Andrew” who is offering me a part time job! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I must say I get the best junk email ever! You should see the stuff I get…and from who! Most are junk emails from my email address though! hahahaha!! All of them go something like, “Where are you darling? I can’t find you!” or,”Burn your wife in passion tonight!”….and so on ;).

  10. admin says:

    EXACTLY Swati & Leah, I’m know how important the impulse buyers is. That is why I pushed Martin to get this cd done asap. There was no point in doing our concert unless we had the cd there. But the cd release party isn’t a big deal really because we can still go to the Rover, Martin can get up and do a few songs like he always does and let everyone know that the cd’s will be in the following week if need be. The Rover is packed every Sat anyway, especially now during season, so we’ll have a full house each time if we have to do it twice. BUT I am not affirming that for us. We will get our cd’s right on time! :-)

    Andrew is sending you junk mail now Swati? You’d think he’d have better things to do! LOL

  11. admin says:

    Harmony was suppose to let us know when we could do our comedy show again. Wonder why they didn’t contact me. Thanks for the links. I’m calling these places this time.

  12. Swati says:

    Hey! At least he is offering me a part time job ;). Seriously…there is some spyware here in my computer because I get junk emails from names that I type (in emails etc)…so I have junk email from you, from Andrew…from most of my friends…and now from me too :-D. They are picking up these names and using them…because believe it or not, I have junk email from Michael and Jesus too. Oh well…

  13. Leah Clark says:

    Only you, Swati – only you… LMAO!!!!!

  14. Swati says:

    I know! Why do such weird things happen only to me? LOL!! Do any of you get junk emails from yourself?

  15. Dana says:

    I have an ‘anti-spyware’ program on this computer and I run it every Sat. I think that is interesting that the spammers are picking up on key words (names) in your emails Swati! You must have some cookie trackers!
    *notes Swati’s crumb trail*


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