Exciting stuff eh? As you know, we have been working on pulling this music cd together with Andrew. I already mentioned that we start recording on Dec 15th. But now Martin has the page up so you can pre-order your music cd NOW!

Why should you I hear you ask? Well, because we are offering some great bonuses for pre-ordering AND you will receive a signed copy! If you have been in a cave and haven’t heard the acoustic, rough cut of 3 of the songs yet, go to myspace page

Right now we are looking to have the cd’s in hand around mid January. My goal is to start doing our show towards the end of January around SW FLA. If you know of a venue that would be interested in hosting us, please let me know. Our show is now; “A Musical Evening With PureHeart” “Learning to move through grief with music, love, laughter and inspirational stories.” It is a powerful and inspirational show. We are still looking around to see where we will be premiering our 1st show.

So go to PureHeart Music
to read about the bonuses and to order your music cd NOW! :-D You’ll be glad you did! I swear!


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  1. Dana says:

    Snagged my copy!

  2. Pretty Mama says:

    Hmmmm looks like YOU get the first one out of the box then Dana!! We have been shopping for sturdy cd mailers in preparation for the MASS mailings! ;-)

    Hey FYI Dana. It will probably be easier to book in your area now at a Unity or Church of Religious Science. Hopefully I’ll get a few under my belt here and we can get contacts from the places down here for around the country.

  3. Dana says:

    *quote* Hmmmm looks like YOU get the first one out of the box then Dana!! *quote*


    *does the uber happy hamster dance!*

    And that shop I was telling you about before Connie – The Open Mind – has been sold to a really nice gal. So maybe you’ll get the attention you deserve now! I can give you the address, telephone # of the local Unity Church too. Whilst I wouldn’t want to leave my copy of the CD with anyone – maybe you can do a ‘tester’ kind of CD to promote the show and the music? I’m just thinking on my keyboard here!

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    You don’t have to give yer cd to nobody Dana! They can just go to the myspace page to hear the music. If we ever get to actually video ourselves again (we’ve been burning out recorders) we’ll have a clip up on myspace too. Martin sez he ain’t sending nobody nothing anymore because it has been a waste of product, stamps and paper. Most peeps are going green now anyways so going to a website is the greenest thing to do. No waste or cost that way. ;-)

  5. Dana says:

    Coolio! I know that the computer at the store was older than dinosaurs (and slower than molasses), but mayhaps the new owner has upgraded her computer?

    I’ll get the website out as many peeps as I think would be interested. Who knows eh? *sets a positive intention*

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    I have no problem calling and talking to these places Dana. I won’t be emailing this time, I will be calling people explaining our show and about Andrew, and then sending them to myspace to hear the music. I think I can peek their interest by talking to them. They will hear my passion for what we do and get their excitement up about our show and wanting to have it at their venue.

    SO give me any contact info and I will call!

  7. Dana says:

    Connie – here’s the email for the store in Rockford ‘The Open Mind’

    Diane Brown

    [email protected]

    I’ll have to look up the Unity Church, etc. But you can get started with Diane. She’s very nice! My daughter and I did readings for her family Halloween Party approx 5 years ago and we always do the psychic faires at her store.

  8. Swati says:

    Alrighty! Pre-ordered my copy!! I wish you all the luck with this…may you be always backordered because of the massive amount of orders! :-D

  9. Dana says:

    I was FIRST – BEFORE Swati! :P


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