I started a precious metal clay (pmc) class last Wednesday, Feb 17th. My friend Colleen is teaching it and she is the one that helped me decide on how to make the PH jewelry. I knew I wanted to make jewelry with the PH symbol, but didn’t think it was something I could do. When she told me about the pmc, I got excited! She is helping me by making me a stamp and a mold of the PH symbol.

Originally I was planning on just making key chains, but now I’m also going to make pendants and earrings. I’m also planning on having a cz emerald stone in the pendants. It depends because the pmc has to be fired at such a high temp, there’s not a lot of stones that can take it.

I’m using bronze pmc which looks like gold. It is so wild working with this stuff! It looks like just plain ole clay until you fire it under tremendous heat, like 1700F degrees. Then this amazing metal is what you get.

Today Colleen showed me what she had done so far for the mold. When I saw the PH symbol in clay, I unexpectedly got choked up! I could feel how powerful that symbol was. I could feel Andrew’s energy with me so strong. That let me know just how powerful this jewelry is going to be! I can’t wait to get started making it with Andrew! I am excited about creating something with Andrew. We will definitely be working together! These won’t be your ordinary key chains or jewelry, that is fo sho! ;-) So stay tuned! I should have it ready for sale in mid March!


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