Well, I’m guessing Andrew has been nud…I mean inspiring me :-) I believe, to start moving on the books we need to write.

I recently received a flier from Ozark Mtn Publishing, Dolores Canon’s publishing company, promoting upcoming events. She has published Ghandi’s son. She is now having seminars with her many authors. I was surprised to see how many more authors she has now. Go Dolores!

It got me thinking, “Hmmmmm Dolores’s books are pretty out there for most people. Like her books about Nostradamus, she was talking to him in HIS time frame! How freakie deakie is that??? And Cool! Our books will probably be the same. Having an Avatar for a son, who is also someone else’s Spirit Guide now too!? That’s not something we’ve ever heard of before! AND if we haven’t heard of it….what are the odds others have?” Certainly not a whole lot of people that’s for sure! So I’m thinking Dolores is our kind of publisher! She’s not afraid to publish topics waaaaaay outside the box! My kind of gal!

So I decided to call Dolores’s office to see if she is still taking book proposal’s. She indeed is! It would appear that I am going to have to suck it up and find my big girl panties again and get this book started. I even told that to the woman at Dolores’s office. I explained our situation and told her I needed a good reason to get the book organized because I couldn’t relive everything again for no good reason!

All we have to do, as far as the hard work, is have an outline and a few chapters done. We will have to have the chapter names too. We have a plan for future books & how we plan on selling them too. Publishers like that, they like to know that their authors have a plan to get their books out there too.

I downloaded a few weeks ago how to write a book proposal because I knew the time was coming soon when we were going to have to start getting the first 2 books going.

The other thing I think is a selling point for us is that we have 2 books right away ready to go. We’re calling it “The Pure Heart Series” The first one is:

“Pure Heart Book One”
“Life Is A Game I Never Want To Stop Playing”
“A Teenage Avatar’s Journey Through Leukemia and Beyond”

Or something close to it. It’s a working title, probably too long but we’ll see. The 2nd book is:


“A Teenage Ascended Avatar’s Letters To His Mother”

Andrew is planning a whole series of books for teenagers, parents, gifted children, couples, ect. So yea, it would appear that Lorett, Rev. Duffy and the other woman might be right! We have something huge here!

We also have the music CD, 4 types of shows we can do so far! If we had shows booked regularly then I think we would self publish. But I already have almost 900 of my first book sitting on my shelf already! Don’t need another 1,000!!! We were starting to build momentum for regular shows when Andrew was diagnosed so we are back to square one again, hence looking for a publisher. I was excited to see Dolores hosting a weekend event for her authors to speak at!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Dolores is all about the after life, ET’s, channeling, past life regressions ect!

So I think I am ready for those big girl panties now….or at least a new pair! The old ones are wore out! TMI? :-D


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3 Responses to PURE HEART SERIES

  1. Joanie Light says:

    Wow, that’s a wonderful publishing connection.

    Ok, no granny panties. Lacy and sexy…now that’s some big girl panties.

  2. admin says:

    Well, we’re not getting any special treatment, but at least the publisher knows us!

    Ok Joanie, lacy, sexy big gurl panties it is! :-D

  3. Leila says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for you to share your heart, humor, wisdom and journey with so many. (((Connie))) no big girl panties needed–(well lacy panties are always nice)–just allow it all to flow…you’ll be amazed ;-)

    Here’s to all your and Martin’s endeavors! Wishing you both abundant successes!!!

    Love & hugs

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