The latest song to be sent our way is, well, not so much a song as it is an artist. Every time I get in the car now “The artist formally known as Prince then back to Prince again” song comes on the radio. Bar none every single time I’m the car, no matter what, a “blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, Prince” song comes on and not just on the 80’s station either. Is he touring or something? I’ve never heard his songs on the radio so much before, except during the 80’s. It’s not a particular song of his, it’s usually a different one each time, which is why I didn’t think it was a sign from Andrew.

But I was wrong. I finally asked Andrew, “What is the deal with all the “blah, blah, yada yada, Prince” songs? He says to me, “What do you call me Mommy?” Ahhhhh light bulb moment! I call Andrew “My Prince!” Then I got the impression Andrew was letting me know I have another Prince coming in. ;-) He will not confirm nor deny the sex of the grand baby though. He likes playing the sign game instead and keep us guessing, although I don’t feel like it’s a guess. Even the Chinese chart says we are having a grandson.

While I feel we have a grandson coming in, and Andrew is giving us signs toward that, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, because WE HAVE A GRAND BABY COMING IN!!!!!!!! :-D AND that is all that matters to us! All we care about is having a healthy grand baby!


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