That is the saying Andrew liked from one of his fav quantum physicist Dr. Alan Wolf. Yup! The kid that was labeled with learning disabilities had a favorite quantum physicist! Go figure! Dr. Wolf was in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?” A great movie about quantum physics. Andrew watched it when it came out several years ago and just loved it! He would make his friends watch it but they didn’t get it. Andrew told me that that movie gave him a voice. It was all the stuff that he knows about and tries to talk about & explain!!

Now put your thinking caps on & open your mind and hearts for this one kiddies! We’re going on a quantum ride! About the only ride Andrew liked!

Some of his friends are asking questions like “What is it like over there?” “Is he happy?” “Does he miss it here where we are?” or “What does he do over there?”

We can’t get our heads around, as humans, the idea of no time constraints. We are the only species that measures time. All things are happening at once. It can even get a bit to much for my pretty lil head to understand at times.

Our Soul, our Spirit, is much to big for our bodies. It can’t all fit! Hence the Higher Self phrase. That part of ourselves that is still with the Creator, The Divine, God/Goddess. Where our intuition comes from, our “knowing.” We are ALWAYS tapped into Source Energy. It’s just that most people CHOOSE to close off to that part of themselves due to largely religious teachings and fear, which are sometimes one of the same.

That side of ourselves, the TRUE part of ourselves is very powerful and a lot of religions don’t want people to be in that power so they teach fear. Fear which keeps people under control. When you have peace & love in your heart that is when you are truly connected to The Divine, Source Energy, God/Goddess! I have seen people from ALL religions like that, just not enough of them for my liking.

Think I’m wrong? The biggest oxymoron I’ve seen is a religious war!! SERIOUSLY?? HELLLLOOOOO! I’ve seen waaay to many people use religion AND even the Bible to judge, to hate, to condemn. I have a problem with that! What I find amusing is the people who use the Bible to judge and make others wrong in their beliefs. They seem to over look the verse “You will be judged as YOU have judged others!” Don’t ask me what verse, I just don’t care! But kinda says it all don’t you think?

Anyhoo, Martin and I were talking about the questions from Andrew’s friends last night. I got to thinking, well, he was so attached to us, we were always together, we were so close, doesn’t he miss all that? He’s only 16! Doesn’t he still need his mommy and daddy?? Major mama gene, muggle, moment! lol Of course as soon as I said it I got the answer even before Martin explained it.

Our Higher Selves are with him! So NO he really does not miss us! We are with him in our natural state! Where Andrew is, is our REAL HOME (castle :-) ) Like Andrew said on the forum, as soon as his Guide showed him his life purpose in a matter of seconds, he felt more natural where was than when he looked at his body. He immediately disconnected from it & knew he was where he was suppose to be. Yea, easy for him. Not so easy for us left behind. Hold on, have to wipe the tears……….

Not sure if they are tears of joy for him or sadness for me. Maybe a little of both.

I will continue this later…..IT’S ALL GOOD!

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6 Responses to PONDER THIS!

  1. Anna Taylor says:

    I was just discussing things about religion with a friend the other day. It just makes me so sad that people who believe in a “different” God to one another judge eachother and in the extreme have wars about it!!! If someone’s religion brings them comfort, then fine, but why is someone else a sinner or hated or deserving of torture because they do not follow the same rules? I’ll never get that one. It’s all about LOVE, isn’t it??

    Big hugs to the Mama gene who is missing Andrew. Even though you know he is with you. I can imagine that it’s more than tough getting used to the change in his position……

    Love and kisses XXX

  2. admin says:

    It is hard Anna but I have to say it is getting easier the more we talk with Andrew. I am accepting more and more where he is. Plus he’s doing such much work on my heart that i is helping to ease the loss. It the long run it will be a HUGE gain for all of us!

    It’s like anytime your child leaves home, you morn the loss of having them around. When Elatia left home at 18 I sat in her closet and cried. lol

    See? Now that’s what I’m talking about Anna! If a particular religion brings you peace and comfort, GREAT! I have met Catholics like that and Christians. (those seem, to me, to be the most judgmental of others’ beliefs) But I think there is something more involved than the religion to be honest. I think they have the REAL connection to Source and only use whatever religion to worship. I really don’t think it’s about the religion when you see people like that. It goes waaaaay beyond that.

    I’m sure Andrew will have LOADS to say about that in future topics!


  3. Leah Clark says:

    This is all so interesting for me, because not too long ago I was one of those people who believed that anyone who didn’t believe Jesus was the only way was going to Hell. In fact, Connie, when Karen first told me about meeting you, I thought, “Uh-oh… one of THOSE people… Karen had better be careful!!” I can tell you that my experience with being part of a Christian church was because I was afraid of being wrong. I thought, “Well, if I’m right, then I’m safe. And if I’m wrong, then I’m safe anyway.” I’ve had a very strong connection to Source for a long time now, in fact even when I turned my back on anything and everything and tried to drink myself into oblivion and end my time here on Earth, there was Something that wouldn’t let me go. When I finally got miserable enough to begin asking questions, I realized that my concept of God/Goddess Source Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-It was really so much more than the little tiny box I’d tried to shove It into. So when Karen emailed me about Andrew, my heart was totally open (thank Source) to meeting Connie, Martin and Andrew – and being of whatever service you needed. And I wouldn’t have missed that for ANYTHING!!! Now I’ve met Anna, and Christine, and Denise, and Jeremy, and of course, the Most Wonderful Swati, and you are ALL more kind, more loving, more accepting than most people I’ve been to church with over the years. And THAT means more to me than anything. *steps off soap box* :)

  4. Swati says:

    Yes, I understand that “them up there” do not miss us down here at all because in truth we’re all up there right now. The “Higher Selves”. But its still a mind boggling concept :).

    Dunno about the religious stuff and people…I don’t have any experience with them directly…except for one funny incident. When I moved to the USA (I’m a Hindu and from India…for people who don’t know me), and had my first kiddy, we met this very nice family. The woman was a LOT of fun! Her kiddy was as old as mine, and soon we were spending lots of time together. I got to know she was something called “Southern Baptist”. No she never tried to convert me, but her dad was a priest, and she informed me one day that because I’m a Hindu, I am considered a devil worshipper, so it was her work and everryone else’s in her church to pray for us devil worshippers. I thought she was joking…because she was very funny and witty. But I soon got to know that she wasn’t joking. She believed in it firmly. Oh well…that didn’t ruin things for me…its always great to be prayed for. LOL!! And besides, I really did like her…she was wonderful, and a lot of fun. And she didn’t stop meeting me either because I was a “devil worshipper”. She just continued on as before after informing me of this very important piece of information. LOL!!!!

  5. admin says:

    We had a magnet in our store that said something like God liking spiritual fruits and not religious nuts! LMAO! Jeremy or Denise might remember what it said.

    Well, I prefer the devil worshipers any day then Swati!! We are in some great company! :-D Funny how the Christians celebrate ALL The Pagan holidays tho!! ROFLMAO! and they created the devil and then try to blame & push him off on the Witches, Wiccans and Pagans! And well, now the Hindus too! Still ROFLMAO! Those church people are funny!

    What it all boils down to is your heart. Keep love, joy and peace in your heart and it won’t matter what religion you are!

    We have Jewish friend from Israel and we share a spirituality with him that is so cool. That is the way it should be! Not trying to convert each other but just love each other for who we are!

  6. Anna Taylor says:

    Ahhhhhhh, thanks for sharing that Leah and for being so open! Hugs!

    And yes, Connie. I’m sure it’s much more than just the religion someone chooses…

    Swati, I agree. It’s all in the heart..

    Love to everyone,


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