Ok, after a day of feeling sad and missing Andrew, time to forge on. I was doing so good too! I didn’t cry at all yesterday. Today?? Another story. Didn’t do the ugly cry, just tears here and there.

Is Andrew happy?? Well, a hell of a lot more happier than any of us I tell ya! :-D Knowing how happy he is makes it hard to really want to stay here! Why should he get to have all the fun now??! Oh yea, he’s earned it. No worries peeps, Marts and I are not going anywhere. :-( We have no garage, we have no prescription drugs, only herbal supplements that could only make us REAL healthy if we overdosed! No guns, except for Andrew’s and Wesley’s paint ball gun and blue paint balls. I don’t want to go out looking blue! LMAO! Oh, I think there is a bb gun but I don’t want to just loose an eye!! Why bother?? Ok, I’m waaay off track here. Moving on!

Andrew spends his “time” doing archery like I mentioned before at our castle. He plays guitar and sings with John Denver. Talks with John Lennon, Eisenstein, Tesla, and other beings. Apparently Eisenstein and Tesla get into heavy discussions. They don’t always agree, he said it’s fun to watch!

He is helping Martin and I A LOT with many things. Healing our loss, projects we have coming up. He’s helping Martin write some songs for an upcoming CD he is going to record. Andrew visits his friends & tries to help them heal. He visits other people that have been with us on this journey.

While he doesn’t feel sad and doesn’t really miss us, he understands our pain and does not like to see us missing him. That’s why it’s important for us to meditate and connect to our Higher Selves because that will ALLOW him to be felt & that’s how we can communicate with him! I know! I know! Easier said than done. BUT WORTH IT!

There are so many benefits to being connected to our Higher Self. That is where we will find peace and joy because we are connected to Source, The Divine. That is where we can connect to our DLOs.

As I was saying in the last post, our Higher Selves are on the Other Side where there is no time. That is why we get dejavu. When we sleep our Soul travels, goes to school sometimes with Angels and other Light Beings & Master Teachers, sees what’s coming up, you get the picture, right? :-D

So that is why Andrew doesn’t miss us, he’s with the best part of us!! Our Higher Selves! Why don’t we remember and only get flashes of it? Because that’s one of the terms of coming here on Earth, we don’t remember where we come from or how magnificent we really are!! The ever famous veil separating us from the Other Side. We have egos and a mind here which are not condusive to the Other Side. We come here to learn and grow as a Soul.

On the Other Side we create all with thought and without the ego to stand in the way we can create the reality we so choose. Andrew said we wouldn’t be able to comprehend the whole concept of being to create our own reality instantaneously. Is my castle really there? If I want. Are there unicorns roaming & fairies flying around? If I want. Can I be in 2 places at once? If I want. Do I have servants waiting on me hand and foot? If I want! Oh I am soooo diggin that! :-D

So what ever you BELIEVE the Other Side to be, it will be! So create carefully my kiddies! Only think of the absolute best for yourself! You are what you think! It’s not some pie in the sky theory peeps! It’s the real deal! PONDER THAT!
Remember…..IT’S ALL GOOD!! If you want it to be!

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  1. Karen T. says:

    Wow! That is all I can muster…wow! And thank you.

  2. Denise says:

    Very well put my dear ! THANK YOU …… Love and Hugs

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Denise because I wrote this last night and didn’t think I was coming across with the info the way I wanted or in a away that would be understood.

    It’s like what we were talking about Sat. night. I just know the information but have a hard time putting into words. Like how they communicate on the Other Side through thought. I totally get that.

  4. Swati says:

    Yo stalkee! Lovely blog entry! I might be off stalking for a while even though I’ll leave this window on because I’m not well. Going to the doc today. Will be back to full time stalking as soon as I start feeling better.

    Love & Hugs,

  5. Denise says:

    Swati sorry to hear your not feeling good Love you

  6. Joanie Light says:

    Lovely insight! I’m laughing my self silly imagining you as a Smurf with all that blue paintball paint. Hehehe….a Smurf with gorgeous red hair. Oh forgive me, I’m laughing so hard I gotta tinkle.

  7. admin says:

    LOL LOL LOL Joanie!! See??? You get the humor in it. My mother thinks I should see someone. I guess when your daughter talks about different ways to leave the planet you get concerned. Eventually I made her laugh. When I first told Denise, she just ROFLHAO right out of the gate! Good to know she’s so concerned! LOL

    Hmmmm maybe I should blog about how Martin and I spent our morning one day talking about leaving. As long as no one takes it the wrong way. I think the rubbing raw meat on us so the bears and wolves could pick us a part may give it away tho. :-D

    Altho a smurf with gorgeous red hair is sounding pretty good now Joanie! :-D

  8. Karen says:

    My sweet soul sister….girl, this was an excellent post, I was chilled while reading it. Now about “smurfing” yourself out of here, I had to laugh at that one…that was way too funny ;-). I so understand your Mama not getting the joke or that type of humor, but I fully got it and have to say, I laughed hard! Seriously sweetheart, no one would ever blame or judge you and Martin for thinking of the many ways to find the “EXIT” door. I love you darlin’ with all that I am…K

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