I will continue to blog because this journey is far from over! I I KNOW!! Who knew!!! But it’s not over I promise you. Our Andrew is a live and well….in the spirit world of course! Don’t want to get your hopes up there. But he is a Chatty Kathy to Martin & yes, I too, am getting messages from him! I know! Who knew!

I will give you a glimpse of coming attractions! :-) He showed Martin what his homecoming was like. He was not greeted by DLO (U should know what that means if you’ve been keeping up. Yes this is a test in your blog history!) He was greeted by Arch Angels and very high vibrational Beings. There was a ceremony for him with a circle of monk type figures in red robes I believe. They brought him into the circle and put a forest green velvet robe on him w/ a gold cord tie. He then went to his throne and there were cheers of his homecoming of a job well done! He was given his name “Pure Heart” He said to Martin, “Ironic isn’t it?” Because he told Martin he didn’t have the heart anymore to endure treatment. His heart gave out.

I had more written here and went I went to save it, it got deleted, now that’s irony! So I will end it here & continue on soon so I don’t throw the computer across the room.

My heart is aching, my stomach is in knots, I can’t sleep because waking up is like a whole new nightmare.I have panic attacks when I realize I won’t see him coming out of his room anymore. But I am grateful that my husband is a medium because we communicate with all of time. If it weren’t for that??? They would need a jumbo urn!.

I love you my Prince!!! Thank you for incarnating this life time and allowing me the honor of being your mother!!

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  1. Karen T. says:

    Oh Connie! I am so in awe reading this latest entry, though my heart has just been aching for especially you. I am a Mama too and I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what you must be feeling! I am thrilled at the same time that you are being blessed by Andrew from the other side! It has to be a small comfort to you. You, Martin and Andrew’s journey together touched me more than most anything else ever has. And to think that it will continue for you makes my heart not so heavy. What a truly inspirational person Andrew was…I wish I had gotten the chance to know him too. His grace during this whole ordeal was a huge inspiration to so many, myself included. You must be so proud somewhere underneath all of the grief. I told Aly that Andrew passed and at first she was mad, then she said that it made her happy that he didn’t feel sick any more and that she was happy that my Mema had gotten such good company! Mema is my grandmother who passed away in ’95, long before Aly was born. My thoughts are with you almost constantly right now. I will see you Saturday. Aly has given up her Halloween party so I can come. She said you need me more. So sweet! If there is anything you need that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate. [email protected] or 726-3666

    Love and comfort to you!

  2. Swati says:

    Dearest Connie,

    I can’t tell you how much better I feel after reading this. I have been feeling sick to the core of my being…yes, its the “Mamma sadness”. I’m a mum…and just to think what you are going through is killing me. Fits of crying, interspersed with feeling calm…then crying again. And its not just me…many are reacting the same way….including Dr. Steven. He posted at the ATP board…his first ever post, in Andrew’s honor. He too is overwhelmed with emotions.

    Andrew…he is so special…there’s something about him that so many of us have been touched this way by him.

    And the thing that I have been most thankful about is, Martin is such an awesome medium! Perfect treatment for a broken hearted mum.

    I was soooo amazed to hear you say that Archangels greeted him at home…you know why? Last night after getting the news from Karen I was in a terrible state…and before going to bed I asked Andrew to please come speak to me in my dreams even if I’m not his mum. Well…this morning I dreamt…I saw him about 21 years old or so…he was dancing with you!! You were very young and had a ballerina like figure…and you both were dancing gracefully like figure skaters! Then a voice announced to me that he was “part” of this high Being. I think I know who the voice was talking about. I am guessing its an AA. His Higher Self…is an AA. At least thats what I feel. I woke up….and as usual dismissed the whole thing as “my subconscious made it up to make me feel better”. But then Patti channeled something that again pointed to this…and now I read about his homecoming from you…which again points towards that…I think.

    I am glued here…please tell us more!

    Grateful that Martin is a medium….grateful that I heard Andrew is fine,

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Wow – more will be revealed… One of the first thoughts I had when I got your message that Andrew was gone was, “Well, at least Martin will still be able to see him.” I’m so glad that you’re able to talk with him too! I guess we just never know what’s coming next, do we? I’ll stay tuned… Love you guys!

  4. Pranamama says:

    Dearest Connie,
    My heart is heavy for you, Martin and your family and yet in this sense of loss is the knowledge that Andrew is alive and free from his physical body. As a Mama I can only suppose that brings comfort lacking compared to being able to hold your sweet boy in your arms.
    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Love, Beth

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