Today he baked chocolate chip cookies with Adele, the healing touch therapist! He did not consider her a terrorist today! :-) He sliced them up then Adele went to the 3rd floor to bake them. :D I ordered 2 3lb tubs of cookie dough from a nurse. He got dough w/m&m’s and I got white chocolate w/macadamian nut. Mmmmmmm can’t wait to bake those!

His foot looks so awesome! I think it will be cleared up in no time. The doc is very pleased. SHe had a great time w/Andrew today. SHe couldn’t believe how energetic & funny he was. I let her know that this was him at home. This was his natural dispositon. All the nurses are enjoying him. They are finally getting to see the real him.

His platelets today were…drum roll please…….101,000!!! :dog :CAT Sunday morning they were 47,000 so they gave him platelets yesterday and I guess they really took!! Normal #’s are 200,000-250,000. His #’s haven’t been in 6 figures for awhile!! He got the intestinal bleed when he was at 15,000. He is on a reg. diet again and he is gaining weight again. He got down to 47kg I think but tonite he was at 51.8!! :hula :hula

His ANC# which are the #’s we watch even at home, is at 68.8. They need to be 1500-1800 and stabalize there. None of this 22,000 then 80,000 like b 4 because that means he is not in remission. :x At 500 he can roam around outside his room. Sooooo we need to focus on him staying between 1500-1800. :D

Marcus, his ex room mate stopped by today for a visit after his clinic check up. What a nice kid! He wears ALL his hospital bands (10) and makes the nurses look for the right one! :lol David, the pastor here, said Marcus and Andrew have really touched him. Their positive attitude thru it all, no matter what, is just amazing. When Marcus heard about his brain surgery last yr. all he cared about was if he was going to miss the World Cup!! :lol We have been blessed w/great (short term :D ) room mates!

Andrew said we need to have a dinner date soon with nice music so we can chat. Awwwww how sweet! We have mood lighting & everything in his room! :lol

If you want to see ANdrew talking, Martin put up the video that was suppose to be played at the benefit  just click on media, then videos, then on Beach Club benefit. Jess did a really nice job. Brought tears to my eyes! I’m just sorry we didn’t have a t-shirt on him like we do now. He’s in a rucky hospital gown.

I tell ya I really am blessed when I see some of the families here. I am so blessed…that all my hard work paid off!! :lol This family did not come easy that’s fo sho! :D But they say you find out who ur friends are in times of trauma and also how strong ur marriage is. Well, I found out I had more friends than I ever could’ve imagined and I have a strong a$$ marriage!! :lol We are so tight as a family and still have fun together! Not many could say that w/o going thru trauma.

Even the docs are shocked how close ANdrew is to us. His foot doc said today “My 16 yr. old son doesn’t want to spend anytime w/ me.” Andrew said “I can’t imagine not spending time with my parents!” My daughter on the other hand when she was 16????? Yea, she did NOT have parents! :lol SHe was apparently raised by wolves or something! :lol
The mama gene :hugkiss :hugkiss is happy as all get out right now!! Long may it reign!

THANK YOU FOR ANDREW’S PERFECT HEALTH!! :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVEMagickal Blessings!

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