First the exciting news! Yea, baby! Not only did we get our room back…we got one of the new beds too!! *happy dance* The room next door became empty and they moved our room mate over!! Can’t stop the happy dance!

These new beds change every time you move and are so quiet when you press it to go up or down! SO you know I’m laying in it!! Normally I don’t make myself to comfy on the empty beds but I am in this one!! Wooo Hooooo! I just may sleep now!
I have to admit when I came in today our room mate was very pleasant and was chatting w/me. Kinda shocked the crap outta me. Still wanted him to go, this room is too small for 5 people, but was glad to see him pleasant.

Andrew is FAB!! So far this round of chemo has gone smoothly!! No mouth sores yet and we don’t anticipate any because that’s how we roll! :hula He’s going into nadar which means his ANC count is going down. He can’t leave his room now, he’s at 261. He’ll get down to 10 or 22 again next week. Then the counts should start coming up again in a week or so. When he hits close to 500 we should be able to be go home for a bit.

His co2 count is low. Martin and I figured it was because he’s belting out orders too much and not deep breathing enough! :lol :lol He was full of piss and vinegar today. Too funny.

He’s been asking Martin and I to do this and do that for him so we raz him about it and he pulls the leukemia card!! :eek :lol :lol I have taught him well! :D Martin cooked him a steak dinner tonight. Martin came in like the provider with the day’s kill for his family!! :lol Now Andrew’s expecting it all of the time….”after all I am healing leukemia!” I said “Oh yea??? Well, your gonna be well soon and I will remember this!!” :lol He sez “Ahhhh don’t be hating mommy!” :rollin

Apparently my mother had a long talk with him today about milking this for everything he can like getting us to cook him steak dinners or whatever he wants everynite. Oh yea, I will be calling her tomorrow and telling her that SHE needs to come up and cook everynite then!!! Hear that mom?? Expect a call! YOU WILL PAY!

Speaking of my mother she showed up NOT like Nana Springsteen this time, no bandana but she did have eye brows today. :lol She thought she’d dress normal like a Nana. I was happy to inform her that she in fact looked like a giant blueberry!! She was in blue from head to toe!! Is that a senior thing? :lol I didn’t stop there, now I’m glad I didn’t after her talk w/Andrew! Then I said “No wait, you look like Nana Smurf!” :lol “Oh, even better!! Blue Nan Group!”   I slay me!!! LOL

My 5 month old grand nephew was here too. I tell you he does not disappoint! He is so funny! He is always laughing! My kind of baby! He kept staring at Martin. Hmmm wondering what he was seeing there! ;)

We talked to one of the mother’s whose son is healing lymphoma. He had cancer on the brain as well as lymphoma and couldn’t remember his name. He is doing very well and is in transplant now and doing great! No side effects! Was so glad to hear that!! She also told us what agencies to get a hold of for financial help. I realized it was time for us to finally do that. *sigh* I didn’t want to get assistant from these agencies but looks like we’re going to have to. I’ll get over it.

Andrew is noticing that his fuzzy bits in the back of his head seems thicker and yet on top he has a wee baldy spot. He hair does look thinner on top. He said he needs a wig now. :lol Soooooo I said that we needed to get his sister to bring her wild bright blue wig that she wore on Halloween at the 2003 ATP as a dominatrix and her bright orange w/black in it wig and take pics of him in them!!!!! He said Yes!!! We are going to have sooo much fun on Sunday!! And he said this before any benedryl! :lol I’ll get him to sign an agreement while on the benedryl tho! :D

So things are great and we are enjoying it! Thank you for being a part of it!!


:blowkiss :LOVE Magickal Blessings!

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