While Daniel and I were on a midnight run to Walmart (there are sum scary ass ppl there at that time) to get a candle for the ceremony for us to be his Godparents, Martin was practicing the piano. As Martin was working on learning a hard cord, he suddenly got it with ease. He looked up to see Andrew walking through the office! Well, it wasn’t really the office Andrew was walking through. It was where he is now, so it was Martin that had raised his vibration.

Martin saw him as solid as if he never left here! Andrew waved to Martin and had a big beautiful smile on his face. He was on his way to somewhere. Martin said he looked so amazing! Andrew was wearing his camo shorts, his Hern t-shirt, and his denim jacket I got him in Vegas from the Excalibur, with the collar up. He never wore it like that before. He also pointed to the computer and then to Martin to let him to know to “Get Blogging!” LOL You were right Leah to laugh in his general direction when Martin said he was going to be blogging more! teeeheeeee hehehehehe

Even though it was only a split second, it was like time stood still. Martin got a lot of feeling and messages in it. Andrew told him not to worry about anything, everything is under control that they are handling everything.

Martin said that when someone raises their vibration that high, the Guides come out like cockroaches on sugar! LOL Meaning that in that instant while they have you on that vibration, they are like the pit crew at a NASCAR race working on you. :-) So he had some kind of attunement. Afterward Martin said his nose and eyes were running. He said these expericences are like crack, very addicting and makes him high, makes me high hearing about it!

Earlier tonight as I was sitting here listening to music that connects me to Muck, I felt the tug on my left ear again and then my crown chakra was buzzing so I know something’s going on with me too. Dunno what, but something. ;-)


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4 Responses to PHYSICAL SITING of MUCK!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    How awesome!!! I can imagine that being so close to that kind of energy would be a kind of high!

  2. Karen T. says:

    I want some of that kind of high!! Wow Martin…you go on with your bad self!! Woohoo!!!!!

  3. Swati says:

    Amazing!! Now I want that to happen to you too!!! :-))))) I loved what you wrote: “he Guides come out like cockroaches on sugar!” LMAO!!!

  4. admin says:

    I want it toooooooooo! I’ve quit stressing about it & when I least expect it, it will happen. I thought that was funny too Swati, cockroaches…sugar…LOL

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