Peace of The Soul Part I

As many know, I have been taking a soul planning class with Roger Hanson, the one who did the Spirit portrait of Andrew.  It came at the perfect time, the weekend before Andrew’s 5th anniversary of his passing, and the last class was on the 5th anniversary of his FUNeral. It really helped to keep me busy and focused on something else other than my loss. Now of course I did a bit of whining to Andrew, in my infinite way, by wanting him to do something really cool to make his anniversary special. His anniversary of his passing, aka Int’l It’s All Good Day was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. Like no faerie light turned on, or showing up in a picture, so I figured the soul plan class was his gift to me, to keep me busy and learning something I can use to do readings with.

Soul planning deals with the vibration of your birth name and gives you a peek into your soul contract. We had to have a few names that we could work up the soul plans on. While we do use numbers, it’s not numerology. Once I get the hang of this, I’ll be offering soul plan readings.

Not sure why, well, I didn’t at the time know why. It’s pretty clear to me now why, but I decided to work the soul plan chart of my abusive ex-stepfather who passed away about 14yrs ago. He was out of my life by the time I was 21yo, but he definitely left a lasting mark on me that I have had to spend most of my life healing. Abuse, the gift that keeps on giving! *sigh*

So on the last day of class, I said I’d like to run Larry’s chart and see if it matched the numerology Martin did a long time ago, when it said that Larry was suppose to be a spiritual teacher. Not only did it match that, it magnified it! Larry was suppose to be a spiritual teacher in a HUGE, HUGE way! He had strong spiritual gifts in his chart, as well as being a speaker in a way to effect change. He was also here to be powerful in a profound way. Terrorizing 2 little girls and a wife isn’t what I’d call living up to his soul plan, not even a little bit. I thought, “what a pity to have such a powerful soul plan and not live up to it, not even a little bit, what a waste. I’d hate to have his life review!”

During the class, that was through Skype conferencing, the internet goes down at my friend’s house where I’m staying in Ft Lauderdale. I mean it goes down hard! My friend calls his internet service company and it’s going to stay down till after 5pm, which is when my class ends. Really?! C’mon!! So I decided to make good use of my time and go over my soul plan chart more in depth, all the while keeping my fingers crossed the internet will come up before the class ends.

Looking at my chart, I have mediumship skills in there and doing big things with my spiritual gifts, which is great, but why has it been so hard to get these things going in my life? None of it is coming easy to me at all, even with all the hard work, and I’m wondering why. Oh yeah, that’s right!  I’ve been busy healing my childhood trauma. So I was starting to get really ticked about how Larry wasted his gifts! I wasn’t ticked about my childhood really, but about the gifts he wasted. The same gifts I have been working so hard on developing, and feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels on.

I knew Roger was going to have us work up and read each others charts as well as his, so going over mine and Larry’s more in depth seem like a good idea while the internet was down. Come to find out, that’s exactly what happened while I was off line. The other students worked on giving readings to one another.  SO I really didn’t miss anything. I wasn’t meant to be with anyone else but me, you’ll soon see why.

Well, I kept checking the internet and finally decided to lay down to let everything I had just learned sink in while waiting for the internet to come back up. As I was lying there, I say to Larry in my infinite New Jersey tude, “You owe me! You really do! Because you didn’t live up to your soul plan, I paid the price with my childhood being taken away! You…Owe…Me!” That’s when it happened, when I had my HUGE epiphany….

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