Martin has great conversations with Andrew every morning. Such profound information he gives him about the planet and the Other Side.

Martin will be writing about that part of the book and get a direct channel from Andrew but for here it will be me trying to remember what he said. :-) You want the book now don’t you?? ;-)

Martin said that Andrew and my Higher Self get into ‘discussions’ let’s say, where we debate philosophies. We are in our robes and doing what Wise Ones do, we discuss, we debate, we tend to go on and on. When he wants to get me to his way of thinking, he turns his robe into his camo shorts and one of his Potter or Lennon t-shirts and sez “Give it up! You know you want one!” and gives me a hug. Yea, that worked when he was at home, in the hospital and on the Other Side! LOL

Andrew told Martin that this was his last time here. He chose to move on to other higher vibrational realms when he’s ready i.e. when we are all together again and can travel. We travel a lot together. Once Martin, Elatia, I get back home, we’ll all stay together and teach and learn for awhile before we decide go to other realms. Andrew and I will hang more around the castle being our Wise Ones selves, while Elatia and Martin will be hanging more around the forest and water with the Elementals trying to coax Andrew and I deeper into their lair!!! LMAO You’d have to understand Elementals to really understand why that is funny.

Hey! I know I’m planning on hangin at my castle crib for a long while. But then again, my Higher Self is there now anyway, so I’ll have to ask Andrew how that works. Hmmm a question for the forum maybe? Andrew said the other realms are amazing! He said we can travel to them and don’t have to forget who we are like we do when we come to Earth. I’m all for that!

Without sounding all arrogant, but I’m going to honor the work Martin and I have done. Martin was saying this will be our last time on Earth as well. We are evolved enough that we don’t have to come back to Earth. Which is funny coming from him because he said he was going to come back w/o a doubt…..before Andrew had ascended anyways. NOW? He changed his tuned big time. He said no way, not doing it. I finally got him over to my side! *insert evil laugh here*

Thinking about Martin’s conversations with Andrew, I realize that we have better communication & closeness with our son whose on the Other Side than a lot of parents have with their kids who are still here! I know when I was growing up, me, my sister and mother were like strangers. We just co-existed in the same house. We weren’t close. Martin, Andrew and I didn’t let a little thing like an ascension stand in the way of our relationship! We just took it to the next level! Yea, we don’t need to come back here again! We get it. Time to move on to more evolved realms. I’ve done my time on this planet! Meaning this is my last lifetime here.


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15 Responses to OUT OF THIS WORLD

  1. Swati says:

    [quote]He said we can travel to them and don’t have to forget who we are like we do when we come to Earth. I’m all for that![/quote]
    That is such a relief. I hate this forgetting thing! LOL!

  2. Dana says:

    Ditto to the same quote! And I’m not coming back either! Not that there haven’t been some GREAT times and tremendous beauty here, I’m just finished with the ‘density’ ;-)

    And tell Martin to share some more insights darnit all!

  3. Lord Horus says:

    YES!… I’ve been agreeing with you Connie from the start about Never coming back to this Source Forsaken Planet… LOL. I’m SO Glad Martin agrees now… because you know me being an Angel… I’d end up back here like I did this time because I’m following along with those that are my Soul Mates.

    I’m certain I did’nt want to come back this time, but Nooooo… they HAD to talk me into it.. LOL… Well alright I did want to see how this whole 2012 thing turns out… I think that was the only reason I wanted to… that and following all my Soul Friends into it..

    Hmmm… maybe we should start a new Cartoon… “Soul Friends’… instead of “Super Friends”.. LOL

    Lord Horus

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    Hence the the draw bridge and portcullis on the ole castle Jeremy! I had it installed a few years ago! ;-) That way no one gets sucked in coming back again! AND we’re gonna party like it’s 9999!!! Dana’s bringing pizza! I’ll have the kegger! WoOT WoOT!

    I’ve been done with this density AND stupidity for awhile now Dana!

  5. Tammy says:

    Dang…….I’m coming back, because I need to be a BIGGER bitch then I am now…..well because i can…could there be any other reason!!! LOL…Well Connie as I was catching up on the blog; You would never believe what has been going on around here!!! Ask Andrew,,,,CRAZY!!! Anyway, I noticed after the Prince Charming Blog…which I TOTALLY agree with all the dates are the same?? April 29th….could that be? Did you really write that much in one day ……U must be really tired!!! Oh go to You tube & type in Daniel Drives in Mexico!!! Daniel went to Mexico with his Uncle & Aunt….& they let him drive for like 4 miles!!!!


  6. Karen T. says:

    Not sure if we’ve met in another lifetime, but I am sure glad we did this go! I am also happy to hear that you are done here. This lifetime sounds as if it was enough… that’s fo’ sho’!

  7. Denise says:

    I’m bringing veggies n dip

  8. Pretty Mama says:

    Geez Denise! Veggies and dip!!!??? We don’t have to be so good on the Other Side! We can pig out! No cellulite to worry about! Did I forget to mention the mote I had put in too for anyone bringing veggies and dip??? LOL

    Oh yes Tammy, this planet will ALWAYS need their bitches!! LMAO! AND they need their Queen Bitch! I will check out the Dan Man!

    I’m guessing we do know each other from past lives Karen. That’s why we connected so easily. Cool the way this stuff works, huh??

  9. Pretty Mama says:

    Oh BTW Tammy, I did do all those posts in one day! I had to make up for lost time for when Wes had the computer.

  10. Jane says:

    I am going to bring my toblerone (chocolate and double cream) dip. It is absolutely delicious. And maybe some strawberry daquiries (can’t spell).

  11. Dana says:

    OMG! Jane is my new favorite person if she’s bringing the choco and strawberry daiquiris. And who cares how you spell that! :-D By the time we knocked a couple of ’em back, we ain’t gonna be spellin’ nothing right! *grinZ*

    Oh and…I can hula too! (cuz I did it at my muggle job for a luau we had for the folks) Good times I’m tellin’ ya!

  12. admin says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about Jane!! Don’t need to spell daiquiris right to get your point across! The draw bridge is down for you! :-D

    All right Dana! Hula away!

    See? Now that’s what I’m talking about! Dip and veggies?? C’mon! Unless it’s a spinach dip Denise you may get caught in the draw bridge! Ooops did I do that? My bad! LOL

  13. Karen T. says:

    Is there a fire pit or fire place? I will bring dark chocolate, strawberry marshmallows and grahams!! Had this type of s’mores on our camping trip and it just rocked out loud!!! And I will bring plenty to share with my chocolate loving friends here on Healive! Woohoo!

  14. Dana says:

    Hey! My boss makes outta-this-world spinach artichoke dip (hot) that we spread on toasted french bread and make bruchetta with! *smacks lips*

    And lest we forget – choco dipped strawberries! :-D

    Karen! those S’Mores sound amazing!


  15. Pretty Mama says:

    Of course there will be a nice fire pit…we can create whatever we want! I love fire pits! I love s’mores! Use to make them on my Camp Fire Girls camping trips in NJ when I was a kid. Yummy!

    Now that’s the kind of veggie and dip I’m talking about Dana! Mmmmm good! This must be what Martin was talking about with Andrew is getting things ready for us! The big party!

    PARTAY IN THE CASTLE! WoOT WoOT! Wave yer hands in the air and say Waaaaaayyyyyy Ohhhhhhhhhh Waaaaayyyyyyy Ohhhhhhhhhhh

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