A few weeks ago I had a dream like they talk about in the astral travel books. I was awake in this dream but asleep, I know that sounds weird but that is the goal in the astral travel exercises, to have dreams that you are awake in but the body is asleep. It was the coolest thing. Who knows, maybe I really was astral traveling but the place I was at I didn’t recognize. Didn’t know the people either. I think there was a guy and 2 girls there.

I remember in this dream I actually said, I’m dreaming, this isn’t real. Then I proceeded to walk around the place and take notice of everything. I was surprised how I could feel the textures of the drapes, they had velvet in them, the glass table, fabrics of garments that we were hanging on a rack. I was even so bold to prove this was just a dream and kissed the guy that was there. I felt the kiss, the guy felt real, but I still kept saying how this was a dream. I walked around the room touching everything and feeling the texture. I felt the coolness of the beveled glass table. It was just so bazaar but so cool, it must be what astral traveling feels like and if it is, it is AWESOME! To know you are sleeping but awake at the same time? Yep AWESOME!

Now I just wish I could remember what the hell I was thinking before I went to bed that night to make this happen! Any why wasn’t Andrew there? It would have been nice to have gone somewhere I knew, with people I knew as well, but I’ll take this! It’s one step closer to astral traveling and meeting up with Andrew and having some good quality Mommy and Muck time!


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  1. kerri says:

    this sounds wonderful. i am gonna look into it more. i have had it where my mind was awake but my body wouldn’t come awake. i remember thinking id i only could move my pinky i could wake up. its like i was stuck there. it was a weird feeling. i think i would like the astro travel better. lol. i have some pretty intense real feel dreams already. sometimes i feel like i visit others lives, but not to where i could feel things like u described. connie u r a fountain of information, knowledge and pleasure. i love it!!!

  2. admin says:

    we use to have a group on the forums here about astral traveling but for different reasons it fell apart. I started working on it by myself and was blogging about it on another blog you can find on my FB page, but then I started working and just lost interest. Too much for me to focus on. There is a book called “90 Days to Astral Traveling” I didn’t get past Day 17, I just kept doing that over & over.

    Swati, who use to post on here a lot astral travels. She just travels around her house and neighborhood, haven’t heard lately if she has gone to other dimensions yet or not.

    I’ll pick it up again I’m sure. I figure I just can’t push things anymore, they will happen in their own time. I am delighted you get so much from my blog.

  3. kerri says:

    i have found u cannot push anything. u just wont get it right then. it comes when its meant to be. i am happiest and most at peace when i think like this, or when i declare it to be the way. lol. perhaps if u were spending too much time with ur mind in this subject u would miss something else more important right now. which reminds me, the picture u posted from ur its all good day, r those orbs all around u or something on the wall? i love orbs so i notice when it looks like they r possible in the pic. felt like there was this wonderful sense surrounding u in the picture. idk, maybe i am wrong. i just loved it tho.
    i was saying it before i found out it was something u guys said. before i knew u guys, and i believe it. its all good.

  4. admin says:

    unfortunately those weren’t orbs, it was marks on the walls, but we know I was surrounded by amazin energy anyway! The camera just didn;t capture it around me, but it did catch the money shot! ;-)

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