Martin told me last night that Andrew is making preparations for us. Yes, he is making preparations on the Other Side for us, but he is also making preparations for us here too. On the Other Side he is getting the castle ready for us. A recording studio for Martin. Apparently for me it’s a room with pretty colors! :-p Whatever! Ooooo I hope it’s all done up with cool, pretty crystals! That would be kewl! You know how time can get away from you! Before you know it will be our time to ascend and he doesn’t want to be running around doing last minute things! LOL

Dunno what he’s up to in getting things set up here, but I guess it’s to get the ball rolling for the bigger plan in all of this here. The sooner the better for me! News like that always makes me feel better…for the moment anyway.

We went to the FREE, free being the operative word, renaissance concert. Well, it was a love offering, renaissance concert. AT A CHURCH! Ok, that shoulda given it away! But I thought it being a renaissance show, it was going to be like the “ren fairs.” And what does that mean?? DRESS UP! Get those corsets, long skirts & poet shirts out ladies and gents! We going back in time! Woo Hoo! It’s a little odd that’s it’s so early, 4p.m. but hey.

SO I donned my black velvet corset and long black gothie skirt from Hot Topic. Martin’s poet shirt is dirty so he wears a black shirt and his “bling.” His bling being Andrew’s Buddha pendant, the trilisk triple spirals, and his pentagram. Yea, he suffers from metaphysical A.D.D.!!

Denise is really looking the part too. I think more so than any of us. I was jealous!

Welllllllll, like I said, the word church shoulda given it away! As the time should have too! But all I heard was renaissance concert. We pull up and the average age of the people going in were about 110 yrs. old! OMG! We are fetuses compared to everyone else going in! WHAT KIND OF SHOW IS THIS??!! It certainly explains the time! If you can drive at night here, you are considered a stud! LOL

This was obviously a show for my ancestors judging by who was going in. I definitely thought it was a church service for sure as we pull up. How could it be a renaissance concert? No one is dressed up! Well, except us!

Martin and I begrudgingly go in, walking slowly to see if one of us would spontaneously combust into flames walking into the church. :-D Once in, no flames, I still think it’s a church service and we’re at the wrong place! There’s no decor, no band set up, no renaissancie things! Well, except for us!

We find some seats and wait for the show to begin. I dunno know, I’m still thinking it’s a church service or funeral. Honestly! The average age was well over 70! We really do live in God’s Waiting Room!

The show starts and WOW! It’s pretty good. It’s about the 12 days of Christmas from all the different centuries. AND THEY are dressed all renaissancie! Phew! Dodged a bullet with that one! We finally fit in….if we were on stage!

It goes on for awhile and Martin and I are losing a bit of interest. There’s only so much choir music we can take. I’m starting to get hot, menopause is doing more than nipping at my heals I tell ya!! Hot flashes would be a blessing! I have one, long, never ending one!

Out of the blue I notice a wooden stick that looks like a paint stirrer sticking out from behind the hymnals. I pick it up and it’s a fan! What luck! I don’t see any other ones around either! I found the only one! Weird but EXCELLENT! The God’s love me! They really really love me!

I’m using it for a bit. Then I take a look at the info on the fan and notice that the church will be celebrating it’s 115th birthday this year, as will some of their parishioners!! LOL I think there was a few there who actually helped build the church!! ROFLMAO!

BUT then I notice something that is without a doubt a sign from Andrew. How could a cardboard, hand held, church fan be a sign from Andrew?? I’ll tell ya! On the bottom of fan it said “Sponsored by Shannon FUNeral Home” The same place that held Andrew’s service! What are the odds! There were no other fans to be found! And I “happen” to sit where the only one is! Oh yea, that was a definite sign!

When we left, I said that was marketing genius on The Shannon’s part! That church alone must keep them busy as hell!!! Amazing they had any room for Andrew! ROFLMAO! Denise thought that one was funny!

Martin and I sat outside for the rest of the show. It was nice and cool and I needed some fresh air. Plus it gave Martin and I a chance to talk. We talked about getting excited about our lives again. Ok, Martin talked about getting excited about our lives again and I said I would try. He said Andrew is excited so that helps me to know that.

SO I will continue to wait and see what The Muck has in store for us! Plus I’ll work on getting excited again about my life…..for The Muck


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9 Responses to ON THE UPSIDE

  1. Joanie Light says:

    You’re an inspiration, I swear!! “Getting excited about our lives again”…that’s the conversation Bennie and I need to have. On the other hand, I am LMAO thinking about all of you in costume in the church with all those old people. Mwah…you’re the best.

  2. admin says:

    I looked at my friends who suggested this and said “This is sooooooo going into the blog tonight!”

    Lots of love to you and Bennie!!!!

  3. Sara-Ovationgirl says:

    Connie, I am excited about what is to come too! And it is hard for me to explain why to most I know, hence I have been hanging around the blog and forum often and that is where the action to all of this is right now (besides my overactive guides who have been having 3 am chat-a-thons with me–but I am very thankful for them). I know that Andrew and all of our guides have already started the prepping! I feel like one of those reality show peeps where they get you ready to go somewhere, but you don’t know where quite yet, but boy are you excited! LOL!

    On the fans, those could be self defeating for the funeral home if the keep the 115 year olds from passing out in the heat… insert a really bad LOL here!

    Sara (who is very grateful she is not menopausal right now…)

  4. Swati says:

    LOL!! Average age was 110? Did Martin go crazy asking you what those dead people were doing in church? LOLOLOLOL!!!! I remember that part from your book where some old ladies were sitting around and Martin wondered if they were dead people. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Leila says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier the looks on your faces or the congregations!

    Love & hugs,


  6. Dana says:

    That’s a great story! Too bad I’m not down there by you cuz the hubby and my oldest daughter and myself could have garbed up and joined you! You’d have a gypsy and a pirate and a bonnie lad in a kilt with you! :D

    And I Ditto! the sentiments about getting excited about life again! 2008 does feel like a ‘turning point’ doesn’t it?

  7. Susan says:

    I love the visuals that came to me with your story! Especially the ‘bursting into flames”! :D I am excited for 2008, and I am excited for you as well! I feel like there are big things in store for us lightworkers.

    Much love and blessings,
    Susan :)

  8. admin says:

    Ok, let’s not crazy Sarah! I said I was working on getting excited about my life, I didn’t say I was there yet!

    Yea Swati, I thought about writing that as a joke after I had posted. Martin walking in and saying “Does everyone else see all the dead people too?” LOL

    Leila, the looks on our faces were funnier! The old people there had no looks on their faces but the one they always seem to have!

    Now Dana that would’ve been really cool! LOL

    Susan, at least someone is exited about my life now. I will be soon, I hope, I know us Light Workers who have been strong on their paths deserve something! Sometimes bursting into flames sounds good to me! LOL

  9. Sara-Ovationgirl says:

    ROTFLMAO at the dead people joke!!

    Connie, working on it is good, excitement is contagious, so try to grab hold of a little of Martin’s and Andrew’s as well as ours!


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