Ya know! You’d think I’d learn from the night I left Martin and Andrew to their own devices when I went to the Beach Club benefit back in Sept. Remember that night?? When Andrew had the intestinal bleed?? I won’t say anymore about that because it’s just to freaking gross! SO much so I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it! :-0

Sooooo, not thinking, I let Martin, Andrew and Wes go to 7-11 on their own yesterday! Where was my head!? They start their conversation talking about the balls that they have seen hanging from red neck pickup trucks. I think the term red neck describes it all, need I explain more?? But that wasn’t enough, they had to take it further, just as Andrew would. No one has yet been able to out gross Andrew.

Martin, Wesley AND Andrew had to take it to talking about boats having balls, only inflatable ones and they could call them boats with scroats!! OMG!!! Why????Why??Why??? Ok, here is the kicker, are you ready?? Martin, in pure Andrew fashion, took it that one step further and said that you could get your girlfriend to blow it up if it didn’t inflate but you would have to buy her jewelery after!!!! Jeeeezus! Avatar? Seriously?? There’s no getting around that boy gene! LOL LOL

SO yea, there’s your enlightened Avatar moment with Martin, Wes and Andrew! DO you see what I’m up against!!?? No enlightened moment aqui! (Spanish for here :-D ) *sigh, walks off shaking head in disgust*


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  1. Lord Horus says:

    You know, They actually tried to pass a law here in Florida against those Truck Balls…. as if there aren’t better things to be doing.. LOL… But it didn’t pass… Guess there’s more Red Necks voting these days.. LOL.

    I personally don’t understand the fascination with them… I think maybe… a guy.. driving a HUGE Truck.. with HUGE Balls dangling from it.. may be trying to compensate for something… but hey.. that’s just me…

    I really hope I can make it there for the fourth party.. Let me know the details.

  2. admin says:

    Yea I’m with you on this one Jeremy! Definite over compensating going on! Since they can’t drive the fast expensive car, big truck balls are the next big thing then?? I think that is what started the conversation, that law. Who knows, I ain’t asking!

    Details for the 4th are food, decorations and fireworks! Lots of fireworks! Time??? Dunno…. whateva.

  3. Karen T. says:

    Just give up Connie….LMAO!!!

  4. Swati says:


  5. Leila says:


    Balls, balls said the queen. If I had balls I’d be King!

    sorry I don’t know where that came from!!! LOL LOL LOL

  6. Janet says:

    well i dont mind saying i am a country girl BUT I DO NOT understand the whole ball hanging thing either BUT I have noticed one thing seems every time I have seen them hanging the driver is usually a LARGE guy and well ladies we know what they say about large guys! So Im with everyone else compensating for something huh

  7. Dana says:

    *more laughing*

    Ok, is it that the balls are really that funny? Or the way Connie tells the story? :-D

  8. admin says:

    I think it is both Dana! LOL

    Glad to hear you don’t get the ball n truck thing Janet! Must be the only set of balls they have or something! LOL

    LOL LOL Leila! Raising a son has been quite the experience!

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