Since Andrew showed off his whittling skills, and whatever else he might have showed off to Martin with, Martin gave him a challenge today. Martin said, “Ok smart ass, let’s see how good you are! Show me a sign on this package of diapers.” We have already started buying diapers for our grand baby. Can you tell we are excited?! Martin picks up the diaper package and starts looking all over it. Awww, he sees a sleeping baby, nope that’s not it. He looks on the side, nuttin there either. He’s looking all around. He turns it over, and taaadaaaaa there it is! The baby on this side had his thumb up! A classic Andrew sign! Martin was laughing his ass off. He thought he could get the better of Andrew, but yet again, Martin has failed. You’d think he’d learn, but that’s an elemental for you! Of course I pointed out that the baby only had ONE thumb up! Now I’m laughing my ass off! Yea, I’m gonna probably pay for that one later! LOL

Today we even bought a gorgeous, powerful Buddha statue made of stone, that is called “Thumbs up Buddha.” I knew it was ours. I spotted it before we left for Europe at the antique store, that is my new crack now, I can just feel the energy of the piece that is to be mine. Whether it be a piece of furniture or a statue or a wall hanging, I just know when they have something in that store for me. I put my energy stank all over this Buddha ;-) before we left for Europe so it would be there when we came back AND It worked!

2 thumbs up! IT’S ALL GOOD! :-D

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