Yes, that was my impersonation of Sally Fields winning, the Oscar, right? Not the Emmy. Like it matters.

 Honestly I can be such a tardo sometimes! It’s hard not to over react when in this kind of healing situation, no matter how hard I try! Part of it I think is “cabin fever!” For 8 weeks it’s been hospital then room to sleep, hospital then room to sleep. Martin and I don’t have hardly any time to really talk. We are always with Andrew or sleeping. It gets to you after awhile!

In Ireland we would have so many people that could help us out @ the hospital. We’d have people at the hospital everyday! Sometimes we don’t have anyone here for a week. I think Martin is really missing his family now. My family live over an hour away and have to work and there’s only 4 of them, they do what they can. Martin must have like 400 of them, they’re Irish you know, so there’s loads of them! lol  My mother and niece come up Fridays and my sister comes up Tues. or Wed. Elatia comes up every other week or so. Occationally we get friends coming up. They usually hit all in one day! Then we don’t see them for while. They have lives….how dare they!! :-)

We are trying to get away a little more now & while Andrew is feeling a bit better and has his own cell phone now. And by a little more I mean like me going to the clown house in the morning helping Martin with the chore and talking while doing the chore. Or going down stairs outside to the garden area for 15 mins. Oooooo we’re getting spoiled! lol

I have to admit that this room mate has been a God send for us! If anyone needed the attitude adjustment Wendy it’s me and Andrew! :D Marcos is so polite. He has to past me to go to the bathroom and he said good morning to me this a.m. Marcos had Andrew talking and interacting with him today. Tonight Andrew got his lazy self :D outta bed and sat on Marcos’s side and they played the video game Shrek together!! They were talking and laughing! It was great to see! Andrew ended up throwing up after going back to bed @ midnight but I think that was the swish and swallow stuff for the mouth sores that did that. :\

Here’s where my tardo side :lol really comes into play…Marcos is here for his LAST dose of chemo!! No relapse! Final step is all!!  Someone from Child Life brought in a “Congratulations On Your Last Dose Of Chemo” sign for him. He is DONE with treatment now! AND he’s going home tomorrow! :( Can u believe I have a sad face for that?? :lol Bless his heart, he had no one with him the whole time in here either! Him and Martin talked a lot about football (soccer to Americans) Marcos wants to play professionally. He is from Peru so Martin and him had a great time talking about football. He’s a great room mate and we were the ones who benefitted definitely!

ANdrew was a bit giddy tonight when he first got up to go potty (more on poop later :D I know, ur on the edge of ur seats ) He fell right into my arms for a big hug then he started nibbling on my shoulder. :lol He was so playful! BUT his poop concerns me, it is diarreah again and has blood in it! :( Apparently that can happen after chemo so that made me feel a bit better that it’s common. Trying not to go into panic-ee mom mode! It’s like a constant battle between light and dark. Ok, maybe a bit on the dramatic side but it is a constant battle not to go into panic!

It’s 3:30 a.m. and ANdrew just went again, felt dizzy, then threw up! :( :( He wanted the nurse because he wasn’t feeling right! :eek See?? Constant battle and that’s why I lose some of them, there’s just too many to win them all! There’s only so much a mama gene :hugkiss can take!! The nurse is getting some zofran now to help w/the nausea so hopefully that will help. His diarreah looked too bloody for my liking but it’s not bright red so they are not concerned.

Well just one more sleeps then I go home for the benefit! Really looking forward to it. Getting my hair done Thursday so that will help me feel somewhat normal. It will feel good to be on the “outside” :lol It does feel a bit like we’re in prison. Can’t wait till we are paroled! :lol My weiner dog will be beside himself. I hate leaving him home like this. People try to visit him as much as they can. He has visitors more than we do at least! :D

He’s resting comfortably now. YAY!! Glad to see it! So maybe now I can relax a bit and meditate or something. Ahhhhh who am I kidding?? It’s the or something! :-)


Magickal Blessings!


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