Everyone was talking about an alien space craft suppose to be able to be seen by the naked eye in the Southern Hemisphere yesterday. I just realized I said that so nonchalantly. Like I’m use to seeing space ships in the sky all the time. Actually I am not, but I do know those who it is a common thing. For those who did not know about this lil encounter of the close kind, and now think I have lost the bap, nuts, or that I am out of mind now, I had received an e-mail on it before it was mentioned here on the forum or anywhere else where I had seen it.

BUT for me Oct 14th was the last day Andrew was feeling well last year. It was the end of our run of him feeling great, eating great, just everything being great! It was my last day of thinking we were in the home stretch, and outta the woods. It was our last day of making Andrew his steakie goodness. It was our last time cooking for him. It was the beginning of the end for me as we are on the count down to the worse day of my life!

Andrew has arranged for me to be busy for the time right before and after his 1st anniversary of his journey home. It still does not seem real to me. I still can’t wrap my head around what has happened to us. I still feel like Andrew is coming home sometimes. That he’s only away temporarily and will be back. But none of that is true. He is NOT coming back, I will NEVER get to hug or kiss him again here. But if I think about that, I couldn’t bear to stay here.

So yea, Oct 14th had a totally different meaning for me.

That is why I am focusing on Int’l IT’S ALL GOOD DAY! It’s helping me not to go into deep despair. I struggled around Andrew’s diagnosis day even tho it was Elatia’s b-day. It helped but I still struggled. This day?? Well, I need extra help and Andrew has sent it by keeping me very busy. Busier than I have been all year. Will I still have my moments of grief? ABSOLUTELY! But they won’t be as devastating because I will be with friends and doing what I love for a few weeks.


PS we leave Friday for Sedona which kicks off our mini magickal metaphysical comedy tour. Please hold the space that we have sold out shows in Sedona on Oct 18th and Palm Springs on Oct 23rd. Kona is a private gig and I know there will be 350 people there for that one who already love us. ;-) In Sedona I am RENTING a 250 seat venue so I am taking a risk with that show. Keeping my fingers and eyes crossed that we sell it out! It would take a lot of pressure off of us by selling out our shows.

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  1. Swati says:

    Absolutely! Holding the thought and vision, that your shows are ALWAYS sold out!!!! People screaming to get your autograph, bodyguards taking you back into your car…and ALL of it!

    I am so thankful that Andrew has made sure you will be busy as his anniversary approaches.


  2. Jane says:

    Connie – I am affirming that your shows are a total sellout. NOW Like Swati, I am very thankful to Andrew that he has made sure you will be busy. For what it is worth, you know that we will all be sending you, Martin and Elatia loads of love and light to help you get through it. Jane xxxxoooo

  3. Karen T. says:

    Holding space! Holding space! And holding more space! So happy for you being busy right now. Thank you Andrew!

  4. admin says:

    I have been doing so well lately but there’s no running from this grief. As the date draws nearer, I find myself struggling. I find myself missing Andew so much and realizing how real all this is. I just want him back!

    We did a psychic party the other night and there were 2 little boys there 4 & 8. They we so cute and good. It made me realize that I have no kids at home anymore, no grandkids, I have no family here, and I miss my family in Ireland. Over there we are over run with kids! We’d run into nieces and nephews when out to eat, on the bus, or in the mall. I remember the last time we were there w/Andrew, we ran into him when we were “up the town.” He was out with his cousins and mates for an anime marathon “up the town” then they were going to surprise his Granny at the pub. I just miss those days and knowing we’ll never have them again is heart wrenching.

    I guess sitting around the house on my own a lot, thinking, is getting to me, which is why this trip is so important to me. I know I have felt so beaten down by this past year with no reprieve, I’m ready to get away and have some fun and do some chillaxing! (Laguna term apparently)

    Here’s to a SUCCESSFUL, FUN, RELAXING TRIP! *clinks plastic cup*

  5. Leila says:


    *clinks* to all your sold out shows and to a successful, fun, relaxing trip!
    Hang in there precious..see you next wk.


  6. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – Holding all of you in my thoughts and prayers as I do every day. I believe that you will have an awesome time, with nary a moment to be sad except as the process itself demands. Sold out shows! Sold out shows!! SOLD OUT SHOWS!!!

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Hey, so by the way – did anyone see the spaceship? Any pictures? LOL!

  8. admin says:

    Thank you Leila! Looking forward to seeing you next week! I set everything up, and did all that I could to make everything a success. Now I just go with the flow, it’s out of my hands. My job now is to see everything being a HUGE success!

    Thanks Leah! I’m going to focus on having a great time no matter what! IT’S ALL GOOD!

    Now i heard that the whole space ship thing was a hoax. I gotta get on the forums to read up on it. Not sure what the biz is on it.

    Gotta finish getting ready and get to bed! 4am comes around fast!

  9. Tammy says:

    SOLD OUT SHOWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….I am sooooooo EXCITED!!! I can’t wait!!! I went to Awakenings today & saw Brandon, he is so DAMN cute…but he is excited as well!! I am getting my house ready for the “arrival” I will not start packing until the 24th (and no u do not need to help;0) I am a packing guru!!! I have done it enuff…so back onto you…we will intent for a sold out show & a safe arrival for your drive here!!!
    Love YOU guys!!!
    hey check your email for my cell # I am using my sons prepaid #…remember I told u about Bob being sick….anyway
    Love ya

  10. Swati says:

    Connie, you’re leaving today for your tour? Wooohoo!!!! Good luck! Come back with awesome stories!!

    Leah, as a matter of fact, yes, someone I know did see one. There are videos of that day. I don’t know now which one is real, which is not. But the woman who is know is an ATP, she posted on the ATP forum. She and her daughter did see one, and she was so taken aback that she didn’t post for a few days. I regressed someone on the 13th and had an awesome communication with “them”. It came as a surprise. I didn’t know they would come, I hadn’t called them to talk, and the lady I regressed had no clue about all this. She asked me about it after she woke. I have written about this regression in Connie’s forum.

    I don’t see it as a hoax, but more as — the channelers got quite carried away in their excitement. They were there, as they are always, but just not in as dramatic a way and just not in the way many people expected them to be. I think Oct 14th brought many different experiences to many different people. There is a huge thread on the ATP board where many have shared their experiences.

  11. Leah Clark says:

    Blah Blah Blah ATP Board Blah Blah Blah… Waaaah!!!! We non-ATPs never get to read that stuff! NO FAIR!!!! (since Connie’s out of town, I had a drama queen moment for her. LMAO!!!)

  12. Lord Horus says:

    LMFGDAO… LEAH.. YOU have No IDEA how much I totally AGREE With you.. I get very tired of hearing about the ATP boards too.. LOL

  13. Swati says:

    Well, why get bored or be drama queens? LOLOLOL!! We tell you all the meaty stuff from there anyways!

    And Jeremy, just because the 2 resident ATP’s have left from there for a while doesn’t mean you go all LMFGDAO on me! Sniff! Just because I’m all alone here, you big bad people are bullying me with your boredom.

    I shall go now and sulk in a corner! And tonight you both will have nightmares about ATP’s (sinister cackling).

  14. Jane says:

    ”Well, why get bored or be drama queens? LOLOLOL!! We tell you all the meaty stuff from there anyways!”

    Swati – so true.
    Personally, apart from the occasional interesting and insightful post – it is fairly BORING. You guys aren’t missing too much. LMAO

  15. Lord Horus says:

    So… that’s where all those strange dreams came from.. LOL

    It’s cool I doubt I would be on those boards even if I was an ATP… because I’d probably get kicked out for not being able to keep my mouth shut. LOL

    But Swati you don’t talk about the boards as much as I’ve heard from other people.

  16. Swati says:

    Ha! The “other people”! I hope these other people who shall remain unnamed are having a GRAND time! :-D. If you talk to them on phone tell them I miss them, and they need to update the blog because I want to read something here. Seriously, I need to get a life! If she doesn’t update this blog long enough I get withdrawal symptoms!

  17. Pretty Mama says:

    Hmmmmm I wonder who J is talking about with “other people”??? *strokes chin looking pensive having a Scrubs, JD moment*

    We did some red rock climbing today. We don’t have internet access at our hotel so we are at a restaurant to get access. I may not be able to write much until we get to Tammy the Tall’s on Monday night.

    Our show is tonight in Sedona. I am a little nervous since I have NO idea what the turn out is going to be. The venues sold maybe 10 tickets think, I dunno what the other book stores did. Probably more at the door sales.

    We are enjoying the cool weather. It’s gorgeous! Low 80’s & low humidity during the day, 50’s at night Brrrrrrrrrrr I love it!!!!

    Gotta go and eat now, will get on when I can!

    Much love to you all!!!!

  18. Swati says:

    Yayyy!!! You’re here!!!! I am praying that many many ticket will be sold at the door!! SOLD OUT SHOW!! :-D

    And yeah, I have no idea who these “other people” are…I think Jeremy is missing you guys so much that he has lost it a bit, and is babbling in grief ;-).

  19. Dana says:

    “It’s cool I doubt I would be on those boards even if I was an ATP… because I’d probably get kicked out for not being able to keep my mouth shut. LOL”

    LOL! This is why I like you so much Jeremy!

    Connie! How did the show go last night? I’m jealous! I’d love to go to Arizona! Of course, my hubby and I got 2 free tickets to ‘Celtic Thunder’ last night and now I desire to go back to Ireland and even hop on over to Scotland!

  20. Denise says:

    How did the show go!!!!!

    It’s 60 here this morning nice and cool 1 st morning its been like this !!!! Thanks for sending some Sedona weather

  21. Leila says:

    We all know you did great!!! Just fill in the details :-)

  22. Swati says:

    Yeah!! Details!! Come online Connnieeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  23. Leah Clark says:

    Jeremy – personally, I think they do it just to lord it over us. LOL! But I will say that my drama queen moment was worth it if it made you laugh your LYFGDAO. I can hear it now!

    Connie – just wanted to let you know that in church today, I mentioned October 22nd and almost everyone murmured, “Oh, yeah – International It’s All Good Day!” Carole’s been spreading the word right and left, as has my friend Alison, my mom, and Max!

    And if you get back on and read this before Wednesday, can you tell me what kind of pics you’re interested in from those of us doing ceremonies on that day?

    Miss you guys… xoxox ((((HUGS))))!!!!! BTW – next time, Jeremy and I are stowing away in your suitcase…

  24. Jane says:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting……… Jane xxxooo

  25. Dana says:

    *more waiting*

  26. Swati says:

    Jeremy, have you heard from them yet?

  27. Lord Horus says:

    Nope… I spoke to Martin on Saturday just before the Show. He said he jumped off a mountain and landed near some cactus.. LOL

    But I Have not heard anything since the show. I will let you know if I do.


  28. PrettyMama says:

    Finally made it to Laguna! *doin happy dance* it was a long drive from Sedona but a purdy one. Sedona is amazing! The red rocks are a site to behold! Elatia was a hiking animal! We’d still be hiking if she had her way! LOL

    Our show had an underwhelming attendance. Lost money BUT we had a great time! 4 women from Vegas made it to our show and 2 from Vancouver that just happen to find us! It was wild how all 6 found us & each other! We had 18 at the show in a 250 seat room. :-( We gave it our all like there was 250 people.

    We had a great time in Sedona regardless. The people are very pleasant. The venue was awesome. I’m still glad we went! The 3 of us had a blast!

    I won’t be booking anymore shows. It’s waaaaay too much work for me and the results are not good. Martin and I need to be able to focus on our show and not on all the arrangements that need to be made. It takes away from our show. Sooooo after this mini tour, we won’t be doing anymore shows unless we find someone that knows what they are doing. And since I haven’t been able to find anyone to date, we won’t be doing anymore shows for quite awhile.

    Once I can get on my reg lap top I will post more. Like Elatia taking me waaaaay off the beaten trail to the middle of BFE!

  29. Swati says:

    Hmmm…are you checking your emails? I wanted to ask you something.

  30. Jane says:

    (((Connie))) glad you and your guests had such a fantastic time.

  31. Leila says:

    It’s ALL Good Pretty Mama!!!

    ((((Connie,Martin, Elatiia)))) can’t wait to see you all again!

    Oodles of Love,

  32. Dana says:

    Awww…tis too bad about the first show. But as Andrew is fond of saying, ‘It’s all good!’ I’ve had psychic fairs where 2 or 3 folks showed up *eek* But I figured they were the ones who needed my help that day. Then there were the psychic fairs where I didn’t stand up for 8 hrs straight! At least you had a great time in Sedona! You’ll knock it outta the ball park in Kona!

    [[[[[ Connie! Martin! Elatia! ]]]]]

  33. Pretty Mama says:

    Checked my e-mail and didn’t see the question Swati. I might have accidentally erased it when going thru my e-mail. I had a lot to erase.

    Leila, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! You have Tammy’s addy right?

    There will be 350 people in Kona Dana, so that will be an amazing time! I will feel famous there! ;-) As Angie reminded me, “You are ATP celebrities!” (sorry J and Dana! :-D but I gotta take it where I can!)

  34. Jane says:

    You certainly are ATP Celebrities and I expect to be hearing from those who meet with you to talk about how fabulous you are for a very looooong time.

    Here in Brisbane, Australia, it is ”It’s All Good Day”. I am wearing pink in Andrew’s honour and will be sending you ALL loads of love throughout this special day. Much love and light to everyone. Jane xxxxoooo

  35. Swati says:

    Ok, sent you the email :-).

  36. Leo says:

    Well, I am an ATP (R) or is it (TM)? ;-) and I don’t visit the boards anymore. Have pulled away from all of that. I don’t even listen to ATPs’ radio shows like I used to. I think Andrew pulled me over here to visit. “It’s all good!” Yes.

    Hugs, Connie and Martin.

    Wishing you a wonderful time in Laguna and I think Sedona was more about the vortex energy you all sucked up and did a great deal of healing with (transmuting and teleporting and sharing.)

    Practically the only reason I wanted to go to Kona was to see both of you. Overall, I know it is the right thing that I am not going to Kona.

    What day and time is your Laguna show?

  37. Pretty Mama says:

    It would have been nice to have had the financial end taken care of but we had a great time regardless. It was nice to just be. The weather was perfect! Martin, Elatia, Andrew and I are just enjoying being away and together.

    We have no Laguna shows Leo, just the Palm Desert one.

    I will take celebrity status anywhere I can at this point! :-D That is what attention Ho’s do! ;-)

    Jane, thank you for celebrating Down Under!!!!

  38. Leila says:

    Yes you sent it to me before you left. Thanks!
    See you soon.
    Love & hugs

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